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The story of KNPB

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Benny Wenda and Buchtar Tani as the leaders of the KNPB (West Papua National Committee) issued instructions to the KNPB in the territories to deposit funds of 20 million per region, and 10 million for each sector. The funds had to be collected before July 1, 2017.

Buchtar Tabuni explained in the instruction that these funds were used for the Revolution by way of the political lobby of independence at the UN, and the needs of ULMWP diplomats.[1]

Benny Wenda has been known as a figure who fought for Papua independence from Indonesia. Now, he lives in London, UK, since 2003, after a year earlier escaped from Abepura Prison, Jayapura. He was arrested for alleged involvement in the attack on the police station in Abepura and escaped when the trial was not over.[2]

Is it true that the Fund was for the political lobby towards the Referendum? Who has financed Benny Wenda’s life in the UK? Continue reading

Be careful with Propaganda from Papua Separatist Group !

The following article is a copy paste from an inactive media owned by MACDIS.


The separatist group will always spread their lies. There will be more propaganda from the Papua separatist group either by social media, open letters, protest, or pamphlets.

Separatist group in West Papua have been fighting to separate West Papua from Indonesia. Deception and lies have been commonly practiced to promote their political interests. The separatist group has been creating propaganda through various ways to influence and control public opinions and attitudes.

West Papua National Parliament’s (WPNP) propaganda suggests that the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) summit in Honiara on July 14, 2016 is strategic and helpful to uphold the prestige and the dignity of the Papuans. The propaganda also suggests for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) to be acknowledged as a full member of MSG meaning that the Papuans is in similar level to other nations in Melanesia. The ULMWP demand will never happen because it is clearly political yapping by the groups that support Free Papua Movement with final goal to fulfill their own interests. ULMWP in MSG summit is only as an observer without any voting rights. ULMWP is an illegal organization and is not a state. Papua is Indonesia‘s legitimate territory, thus the voice of Papua will be represented by the official delegation from Indonesia.

The separatist group and their supporter keep spreading propaganda through anything. In 2009, a propaganda film was made “Forgotten Bird of Paradise” with the aim of spreading lies about West Papua and trying to create conflict in the peaceful land of Papua.

The greatest pretender Benny Wenda is still number one when it comes to spreading lies and propaganda. He proclaimed himself as the separatist leader in Papua. One of his biggest propaganda is telling the world that West Papua is suffering a real genocide before the silence of the international community. The truth is genocide in West Papua is never happened, whereas in reality Papua is quite safe and conducive. The separatist group will always spread their lies. There will be more propaganda from the Papua separatist group either by social media, open letters, protest, or pamphlets. The public must realize that Indonesian government cares and respects Papua, proven by the acceleration of infrastructure and human resource development in Papua.

Keywords: Papua, West Papua, Indonesia, Separatist, Propaganda, Politic, Government, Genocide, Melanesian, organization.

By: Bella R (Researcher MACDIS)

Genocide in West Papua, Fact or Fantasy?

This article was published  in an inactive website on November 24, 2017, but unfortunately since the end of December 2017, I couldn’t find an update until today. So I decide to copy and paste all articles from this website to share it with my readers.

The writer, a researcher from MaCDIS explained very briefly that there is no genocide in West Papua.




The government of Indonesia never attempts genocide on West Papuan. The growth of indigenous population in West Papua attest it.

“…In West Papua, we continue to endure the horrors of colonialism and genocide with over half a million West Papuan people estimated to have been killed ever since West Papua was occupied by Indonesia in 1963…”

That is a bit of a clip from an article written by Benny Wenda to garner international support. Genocide would be an interesting story for an international campaign, apart from whether it is a fact or fantasy. Human rights issues including genocide always managed to become a highlight and create an international society apprehensions and sympathies like Palestine, Rohingya, and other cases. However, the international society’s concern regarding the human rights issue has often been manipulated by Benny Wenda for his own interest. The propagation of the fictive story was made without a factual data about the situation in Papua.

Genocide defined as an act committed with the intention to destroy a whole or a part of a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group. According to The 1948 International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, every action addressed to eradicate a specific group of people can be categorized as a genocide.

So, what is actually happened in West Papua? Is genocide really happening in West Papua?

Source: Treated from Central Statistics Body

If we refer to the definition of genocide above, what should happen is a mass extermination leads to the decline of indigenous population in West Papua. However, according to the Central Statistic Body (BPS), the residents of West Papua have been increasing from year to year. The BPS Census in 2010 reveals that a total of West Papua resident is 2.833.381 people, consists of 2.121.436 indigenous West Papuan and the rest of them are migrant.  In 1971 the total of West Papuan was only 701.983; in 1980 increased to 890.382; in 1990 become 1.263.199 people, and in 2000 reached 1.684.144 in population.

According to the data, there is no evidence of Indonesia’s effort to genocide the West Papuan. In West Papua, the indigenous population is higher than the migrant, which makes genocide is an impossible presumption.

Keyword: West Papua, Indonesia, genocide, West Papua residents, Benny Wenda

By: Zuraida, S. (Researcher, MaCDIS)