Report on Benny Wenda

True Story from Media Papua

Benny Wenda is a 35-years-old and lives in Oxford, UK and it was 10 years ago that he masterminded and led the attack on the Abepura Police station and burned two shops in the small township on December 7th 2000. Benny Wenda led 50 Papuan people and attacked a police station and torched two shops. A policeman was killed in the attack and a security guard was found dead near the shopping compound.

Running away from the violence assault and murder cases, Benny Wenda a self claim West Papuan tribal leader successfully escaped from prison in Papua and has devoted his life now in the UK to hide his crime and start a “clean” and “peaceful” campaign for his personal benefit in the UK as asylum seeker. Indonesia is now democracy and Benny Wenda is afraid if the families of the victims will ask for justice.

To create a nice impression for the UK people, Benny Wenda always dressed in a coloured Papuan shirt with a big tribal pendant around his neck. He emotionally addressed several human rights meeting especially by Amnesty International UK group and several universities in UK and repeated the story about West Papuan who face daily repression, arrest, torture, beating with rifle butts and death, which is not true.

Benny Wenda even go too far by explaining that the human rights abuse in West Papua and Papua provinces is happening every day by those Indonesian Military who seek to seemingly clear the way for western companies to exploit the island’s resources at the behest and profit of the Indonesian Government, which is not true.

To add flavor into his story, Benny introduced his homeland as one beautiful mountainous Island in Papua Island. His island home in West Papua has the largest rainforest next to the Amazon, where Tree Kangaroos and Birds of Paradise until recently thrived, but with the rainforest rapaciously logged and mined by foreigners, it is now like its people threatened to disappear in a couple of decades under its new management. There is no argue about the beauty of mountainous areas of Papua, but the problem of illegal logging is not Benny’s concern. The local governments of Papua and West Papua provinces are working so hard with the central government to protect the rain forest in both provinces. Many governments in the world such as UK and several others European countries are helping West Papuan people to protect their rain forest. Benny Wenda did not do anything but boldly claim as a leader of West Papuan, it is merely a rubbish political propaganda.

Benny Wenda describes his propaganda as an effort of peaceful campaign and dialogue, but he never in history discusses his problem with any democratic Indonesian, he may feel guilty with the assault and murder cases that happened 10 years ago. Or he is too afraid to face the truth that he is just a fugitive who forget how to repent from his sin in Papua.

The most outrageously shameful attitude of Benny Wenda is when he tried to tell the world about human rights violation in Papua and West Papua. Every single Amnesty’s member keep silent about his murder case 10 years ago, as if it never happened. This is apparently to appease Benny Wenda, so he can be used as a tool to check Indonesia’s progress in democracy.

Sadly, Benny Wenda has a privilege in telling lies in UK and his audience were stunned at the the imaginative story of racial genocide.

Another shocking lies from Benny Wenda is about his village being bombed by British made BAE systems Hawk jets, the killing of his family members, hiding out in the forest for 5 years when his leg was shattered and unset, seeing several die of diseases. Benny Wenda always thought that his lies will be effectively influence British people by mentioning the Hawk jets. According to the Military Balance or other trusted source of information about Indonesian Air Force capabilities, it is clear that Indonesian Hawk jets is limited and very expensive to be used, so the hawks are rarely used. By creating such a horrible stories about Indonesia, Benny Wenda with his wife and six children could enjoy his peaceful live in the UK by the support of British tax payer.

When it comes to the murder case, Benny Wenda will tell the world that he was only leading the peaceful flag raising in 2000, the real thing was a violence attack and murder of two innocent Papuan. He will also share about his own arrest in 2002 and sentencing to 25 years for peacefully raising the morning star flag. The 25 years sentence is not for flag raising but for violence attack and murder.

Benny will also add some more horrible stories about the plot of killing him. In addition, the scars on his leg which was the result of a warning shot by Indonesian police will be described as a testimony to the further damage brought about by his escape.

He used the word Asylum and he starts a new life in UK, far from his criminal problem in Papua and become the untouchable. He used the UK Amnesty group to support his status as Asylum in UK and even to support his malicious propaganda about Indonesia.

We need simply to realise and say loudly and publicly ‘THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT BENNY WENDA!’


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  1. […] Mr Wenda, who appointed himself as interim president of a West Papuan provisional government in December 2021, said: “Jakarta was once again trying to smear his people’s struggle as a terrorist movement”. Wenda’s statement is not only full of propaganda protecting his personal interest, but also contrasting his own path of terrorism. He led a group of people to torched houses and police station and killed two policemen, please read Report on Benny Wenda. […]

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