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Democrat Party condemns British Lawmakers supporting separatism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Democrat Party Associate Chairman Anas Urbaningrum said here on Tuesday his party condemned any party that supports separatism in Indonesia.

“Especially if it is done by legislators from other countries, such as Britain,” Urbaningrum told ANTARA in response to the establishment of an international parliamentary caucus on West Papua which supportedly included members of the British Parliament in London.

He said the move was a serious violation of the principle of mutual respect for a country`s sovereignty.

“It also shows that they are immature and do not understand politeness in international relations,” Urbaningrum, a former chairman of the Association of Muslim University Students (HMI), said. Continue reading

No country supports Papua separatism, says presidential spokesman

No country supports Papua separatism, says presidential spokesman
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Presidential spokesman Dino Patti Djalal stated here on Tuesday that no country supported separatism in Papua.

“Not a single member country of the United Nations supports separatism in Papua so that Indonesia`s position in the matter is solid,” he said at the president`s office. Continue reading

Several thousand Papuans march for independence

JAYAPURA, Indonesia, Oct. 16 (Reuters) – About 2,000 people
rallied in the capital of Indonesia’s Papua province on
Thursday, calling for independence for the remote, resource-rich
area in the far east of the country.

Shouting “freedom,” some protesters carried banners saying
“Review the act of no choice in 1969,” referring to a disputed
vote that led to Papua being formally incorporated into
Indonesia. Continue reading

International Parliamentarians for West Papua

(Papua Story) – An Apparently Unimportant Event: Launching of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua in the UK Parliamentary House on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. An opening reception performance will be held at the Parliamentary Square as manipulative attraction to take attention of Members of Parliamentary.

Drawn from a liar of co-director of Free West Papua Campaign Richard Samuelson, this historic blunder  of political pressure features Indonesian asylum seeker artists brought to the UK several years ago. Included are such amateur as Benny, Maria Wenda, and Mambesak.

For complete information please visit International Parliamentarians for West Papua

Who responsible for the deepening conflict in West Papua?

The beautiful island of Papua once known as the ‘God’s beautiful peaceful land’ very soon will be known as the ‘God’s unstoppably wrathful land’ due to the provocation from the heart of London which will hurt innocent people who live in the entire land.

The conflict that is spread is not affecting the son or daughter of the high, noble and mighty in London, the politicians or the wealthy in Oxford- but of the poor Indonesian citizen who live in Papua. They are struggling for survival whilst the rich and the powerful in London are merrymaking with the launching of a bunch of provocateurs to create war between Separatists Papua and Indonesian military. Indonesian ordinary citizens who live in Papua are against this immoral and irresponsible acts.

You can help ordinary Papuan by pushing peaceful dialog in solving Papua problem.

You can help stop the human rights abuses by strengthening the Indonesian national human rights commission.

You can help democracy in Papua by strengthening education, health and civil society movement.

Can you help Papuan by deepening conflict there ?

God help Papua.

Serious shortage of teachers in West Papua

Cenderawasih Pos, 6 October 2008 translated by TAPOL

Responding to a statement by the Minister of Education, Bambang Sudibiyo, that Indonesia has far too many teachers, Manuel Wetapo SE, member of Commission C of the DPRP (Papuan Regional Assembly) said that if this is the case, people at the centre need to take a look at the situation in Papua where many regions which have plenty of school buildings suffer from a serious shortage of teachers; in some places there are no teachers at all.

‘Many people complain about the lack of teachers and are asking why this is so,’ he said.

He said that during a recent trip to the Central Highlands, he found that of the 133 state schools in the area, some have so few teachers that the children fill their school time playing or working. because they gave nothing to do. Continue reading

Indonesia Papua forests seen under palm oil threat

Very important environmental news from REUTERS Wed Oct 8, 2008 8:13am EDT
JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia must do more to save pristine rainforests in Papua from destruction, particularly with plans to open up huge tracts of land to develop palm oil plantations, environmentalists said on Wednesday.

The rapidly expanding palm oil industry in Southeast Asia has come under attack by green groups for destroying rainforests and wildlife, as well the emission of greenhouse gases. Continue reading

Free West Papua Campaign

A very interesting and shocking notes on Free West Papua Campaign by Free West Papua should be read by Papuan from all walk of life. Here is the lead paragraph:

I feel so sad when an activist of Free West Papua Campaign asked me to stop writing in my own blog because my position is in opposite to the Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign. I also feel sorry for Richard Samuelson attitude because he has been running away from my challenge to explain his position in Free West Papua Campaign. We as papuan are very pleased that there is sincere attention from foreign citizen like Samuelson. However, we should be sure that the attention will create a better understanding. In contrast to the people expectation, Richard Samuelson is always provoking conflict without even thinking about the consequences.

For the rest of the notes please read Free West Papua Campaign