Benny Wenda still inciting hatred

The hateful acts that occurred at every campaign by Benny Wenda are disgusting.  Playing a role as imaginary leader of West Papuan in exile, Benny Wenda is not only telling lies about the development in West Papua, but also inciting hatred in the hope to push greater conflict in West Papua. Please take a serious attention to his campaign which always demonized the new democratic Indonesia from a very narrow perspective. He keeps his campaign as a protection of his personal interest to stay in UK as long as possible, sucking British tax payer money, deceiving British people, and trying to undermine the UK-Indonesia bilateral relations.

Benny Wenda not only did take the life of a young policeman of great promise but he has destroyed a family’s happiness. Benny Wenda, 37 year-old killed a police officer and injured two other police officers on 07 December 2000 during a horrific attack to a police station in Abepura, Papua. Benny Wenda will deny all charges against him and innocently will say that his activities in the year of 2000 was only a simple peaceful demonstration and raising flag.

Benny Wenda tries to radicalise young Papuan in West Papua by many of his statements on the internet. Although he failed in his efforts to radicalise young Papuan, he managed to create some small radical groups in West Papua supporting his agenda in the UK. At the end of the day, the goal of such activities is not for Papuan but for himself to be accepted within British society as someone who deserved to be supported financially.

Until today, Benny Wenda still inciting hatred freely in the UK. Why both the UK  and Indonesia don’t take his hate campaign seriously ? besides the effects of Wenda’s campaign is not significant, probably both governments have a strong belief in  democracy.

How about questioning Benny Wenda’s dark history as a murder suspect?  He is capable of doing wrong thing in the past, so there is a huge possibility of doing it again  today or in the future. But in the mean time, we might only see him singing a song, appealing for money and support, and doing demonstration peacefully. Great work Benny Wenda !

The trouble about man is twofold.  He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple.  ~Rebecca West

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  1. Alan Lake on

    I bet she still gets social security and housing benefits,like the rest of terrorist in this country. What has happened to this country, when we pay to keep this scum.

  2. Richard Dawn on

    Benny Wenda was never found guilty of any crime because he ran away. I agree with you, Benny Wenda is no more than a murder but Indonesian authorities doesn’t care about the impact of lettin’ down the family of the victims of Benny’s crime. Benny Wenda might be safe in the UK, but God
    will punish whoever killed innocent human being.

  3. Drew Andrews on

    Benny Wenda is not a terrorist. He advocates peace and justice for his people.

    The author of this blog should be ashamed of themselves for the spiteful propaganda they spread on this blog.

    God is watching and will surely bear down hard on the author of this blog. 400,000 Papuans have been killed by the Indonesians. Shame on the Indonesians. Shame on them all

  4. […] The West Papua Liberation Army (WPLA) which is claimed as under the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) control, continue its usual way of action: killing and terrorising innocent people in West Papua. It is not a surprise because ULMWP’s leader Benny Wenda used the same method when he was still in West Papua. Please read Benny Wenda story. […]

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