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Free healthcare in Mimika a work in progress, says government

Markus Makur , The Jakarta Post, Timika

While the Mimika regency administration initially planned to provide free healthcare for all residents, the program has only been put into practice at community health centers (puskesmas) in 12 districts. “So far, the free healthcare program is unavailable at regency hospitals because of their high operating, infrastructure and facilities costs,” Mimika Regency Hospital director Dr. Fransiscus Tio said in a dialog with Mimika  Deputy Regent Abdul Muis at a recent free healthcare campaign in Mimika, Papua. Continue reading

Towards Peaceful Dialogue

Neles Tebay of the Jayapura Archdiocese said a dialogue between the central government and the people of Papua would be a peaceful and effective way to stop violence and bloodshed in Papua.  The shooting incidents near Freeport gold mine I think have been perpetrated by a group of people who do not know how to address their problems.
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One in Five Residents in Mimika Illiterate

Jakarta Post

by Markus Makur, Mimika, Papua


More than 22 percent of the population of the Mimika regency in Papua, or about 40,000 people there, are illiterate. Mimika, with a population of 175,000, ranks fifth in term of the illiteracy rate in the province, after Wamena, Merauke, Paniai and Nabire regencies, said Yesaya Sombuk, head of Mimika Education Agency, on Tuesday.

Papua itself has the highest illiteracy rate among the country’s 33 provinces.  The agency is offering a three-month literacy course in the regency’s 12 districts with 1,200 residents joining the program, which kicked off Tuesday. Those who are illiterate – both native Papuans and migrants – are found not only in remote areas, but also in urban areas, including in Timika, the regency’s capital. The first course, however, is targeting those in the hinterlands, mountains and coastal areas.

Mimika is home to one of the world’s richest gold mines operated by US-based company PT Freeport Indonesia.

Benny Wenda had ‘blood on his hands’.

Source : Media Papua

If you are Indonesian, no matter where you’re from, Papua, West Papua, Mollucas, Celebes, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Bali, West Timor, you will be surprise that a man named Benny Wenda who called himself  as the highest leader of West Papuan will not shake your hands.

It is simply because his two hands are to dirty, too much blood on his hands.  Benny Wenda killed a man several years ago and the his name is on the list of the Interpol… Please be careful with Benny Wenda’s innocent claim, he could do harm to you.

Benny Wenda_bloody hands