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Shadow falls in the peaceful democratic election

Millions ordinary Papuan keep their mouth shut in silence and deeply concerned about growing violence created and supported by independence movement abroad especially from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. West Papua on the eve of the Indonesian parliamentary elections was disturbed by a successful scenario of conflict by Richard Samuelson and Benny Wenda to increase the tension among people in West Papua. We believe that recent events underscore the need for a careful approach to the problems in West Papua, and that there is an urgent need for Indonesian security (Police) to be alert by such cruel intention. Continue reading

Benny Wenda says West Papua Liberation Army not criminals

Benny Wenda statement is a hard evidence of his support to Free West Papua violent action by killing civilians. He can hide in Oxford like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but his true identity began to appear gradually.

Source: Radio New Zealand RNZ  Link artikel : WPLA claims

12:53 pm on 7 December 2018
Benny Wenda

The bodies of 16 people have been recovered from the Papua highlands, where a massacre of at least 24 Indonesian construction workers is believed to have taken place on Sunday. Continue reading

West Papua Liberation Army claims responsibility for Papua killings

Source: Radio New Zealand RNZ  Link artikel : WPLA claims

4:37 pm on 5 December 2018

Separatist Free West Papua military wing,  The West Papua Liberation Army is claiming responsibility for the killings of at least 24 Indonesian construction workers in Papua.


The West Papua Liberation Army

The claims confirmed initial blame placed on the separatist group by Indonesian authorities, and marked a deadly escalation of conflict in the restive region unseen in recent years. Continue reading

The Sun: The 5,000 crooks we can’t deport (including Benny Wenda of Oxford ?)

The Sun

MORE than 5,000 foreign criminals who should have been flung out of Britain are still here — with most claiming deportation would breach their human rights.

Figures show that 3,775 offenders who should have been sent back home were released from custody to live in communities.

More than 1,600 remained locked up after completing their sentence and 12 are missing after being released from court or referred incorrectly.

Home Secretary Theresa May, who wants to change the rules preventing deportation, said the problem lies with how British courts interpret Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Continue reading

Pair Found Guilty Of Killing Police Officer

HOW ABOUT BENNY WENDA who is the prime suspect of the murder of two Papuan Policemen?

Two men, including a former Sinn Fein councillor, have been found guilty of the murder of Roman Catholic police officer Stephen Carroll in March 2009.


Continue reading

Also Benny Wenda profits from Freeport unrest

A very nice article from Free West Papua

Self appointed Papuan rebel leader in exile Benny Wenda accuses everybody else from profiting from the alleged exploitation of the natural resources of the Indonesian provinces of West Papua and Papua, from the international companies such as Freeport that extract these natural resources to the Indonesian Government in Jakarta and the usual bugbear of the Indonesian military without admitting that without such tragic events like the death of a protester in a confrontation with police Wenda would have no cause to fight for.

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Benny Wenda “the Murderer”

Benny Wenda “the murderer” is a coward who can not prove that he was not involve in the murder of two police officers, and arson of several buildings during the Abepura attack 11 years ago (7 December 2000). The Interpol Red Notice should be strengthened by serious efforts from Indonesia’s government to arrest Benny Wenda. Many believe that European Union has acknowledged the similarities of terrorist separatist in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Benny Wenda is one the most wanted terrorist separatist for the murder case.

Benny Wenda’s Free West Papua Campaign has launch so many irresponsible and provocative campaign. After a shameless hoax of naming innocent entity as the attacker of their website, it has launch facebook page and twitter account which will be investigated if it is continue to provoke violence in West Papua. Based on so many facts and data on the internet, Facebook and Twitter authority is now watching Free West Papua Campaign and Benny Wenda “the Murderer” closely.

Please help the creation of a peaceful Papua !

Please do not provoke violence in West Papua !

Stop teaching hatred to children !

Teaching hatred to their Children taken by Samsung Camera

(photo courtesy of phillipus)

In West Papua many children from different ethnic groups are most friendly with other children surrounding them. They would express empathy amongst friends, the purity of childhood without worrying about the life which surrounds them and only one thing a child understands in a childhood life and that should only be “child’s play”.

Unfortunately, indifference in London of five Papuan children of Benny and Maria Wenda, an activist for West Papua, appalling behaviour for such parents to direct their children is this kind of environment. Using minors to chant in an abrupt way showing ugliness in vision of a child and behind the child you wonder if the child itself would understand in the obstacle concept of human rights. Much sympathy to the children as no knowledge would be known unless pursuance by an adult, who in this circumstance abuses the child’s mind in diversity killing their thoughts of being a child and early adulthood.

This would emphasise the parents of being “exploiting” of their own children for their own needs. In an in-appropriate mannerism so disturbing you wonder why bring, such children in this world if you are only using them for exploitation and abuse. We can only visualise how such parents have no dignity in teach their children in this manner for their own goodwill.

I can only hope that all children should not be used for “Child Exploitation” in any circumstances. So it is appalling that Benny and Maria Wenda put this action upon their children, the law should take this into consideration, high lights for concern and should prosecute such parents for their actions.

Benny Wenda still inciting hatred

The hateful acts that occurred at every campaign by Benny Wenda are disgusting.  Playing a role as imaginary leader of West Papuan in exile, Benny Wenda is not only telling lies about the development in West Papua, but also inciting hatred in the hope to push greater conflict in West Papua. Please take a serious attention to his campaign which always demonized the new democratic Indonesia from a very narrow perspective. He keeps his campaign as a protection of his personal interest to stay in UK as long as possible, sucking British tax payer money, deceiving British people, and trying to undermine the UK-Indonesia bilateral relations.

Benny Wenda not only did take the life of a young policeman of great promise but he has destroyed a family’s happiness. Benny Wenda, 37 year-old killed a police officer and injured two other police officers on 07 December 2000 during a horrific attack to a police station in Abepura, Papua. Benny Wenda will deny all charges against him and innocently will say that his activities in the year of 2000 was only a simple peaceful demonstration and raising flag.

Benny Wenda tries to radicalise young Papuan in West Papua by many of his statements on the internet. Although he failed in his efforts to radicalise young Papuan, he managed to create some small radical groups in West Papua supporting his agenda in the UK. At the end of the day, the goal of such activities is not for Papuan but for himself to be accepted within British society as someone who deserved to be supported financially.

Until today, Benny Wenda still inciting hatred freely in the UK. Why both the UK  and Indonesia don’t take his hate campaign seriously ? besides the effects of Wenda’s campaign is not significant, probably both governments have a strong belief in  democracy.

How about questioning Benny Wenda’s dark history as a murder suspect?  He is capable of doing wrong thing in the past, so there is a huge possibility of doing it again  today or in the future. But in the mean time, we might only see him singing a song, appealing for money and support, and doing demonstration peacefully. Great work Benny Wenda !

The trouble about man is twofold.  He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple.  ~Rebecca West

8 years ago…

8 years ago, 31 October 2002, a notorious criminal who is also a self proclaimed separatist leader in Papua, escaped along with another inmate. His name is Benny Wenda. Now he lives freely in Oxford, UK, escapes from justice and becomes the untouchable with a cunning smile deceiving British people with a peaceful campaign. While on the other side of the world, two families are waiting for justice which may never come true because the murderer or the man who responsible for the death of their fathers can not be touched by the law. That man is Benny Wenda.