The Great Pretender Wenda

Benny Wenda, a notorious criminal (murder case 9 years ago in West Papua) who is also a self proclaimed separatist leader in Papua, is continuing his evil propaganda. He’s a Cunning Sociopath.

Psychiatrists tell us that all serial killers lack the emotions that make us human; that they have to learn to emulate those emotions in order to get by in society. Hence, a charming, well educated fellow like Benny Wenda who is known to have murdered 2 people and may have killed ? before he was caught and then escaped to UK.

In a speech last December 2010 in Dakar, trying to strengthen his evil separatist propaganda against local government in West Papua, he launched a distress call to Africans and the world to liberate his people, now colonized by Indonesia. According to Wenda, his country is suffering a real genocide before the silence of the international community.

The big questions are:

Who are his people? Benny Wenda is not even a leader of one ethnic group in West Papua. There are more than 200 ethnic groups in West Papua.

His country colonized by Indonesia? Historically West Papua is part of Nusantara (Indonesia) even before the Dutch Colonialism. The Netherlands claimed sovereignty over New Guinea (West Papua) within the Netherlands Indies through its protection over Tidore, a sultanate on a Moluccan island west of Halmahera. In a 1660 treaty the Dutch East India Company (VOC) recognised Tidore’s supremacy over the Papuans, the inhabitants of New Guinea. Read wikipedia.

Real genocide in West Papua? The alleged “genocide” in West Papua never happened since the population of native Papuans doubled under Indonesian rule (800,000 in 1971 to 1.8 million in 2010). Read the latest statistic .

So…Benny Wenda is simply a criminal and a liar.

Wenda must be stopped now, before he sets West Papua aflame. And set it aflame is what he intends to do, even if most people who live in West Papua are not interested in Wenda’s evil propaganda.

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  1. Andy Ayamiseba on

    There are three sides of a story…, tell the Indonesian Government to open the gate in Papua and West Papua to foreign journalists so the truth could be identified, not mine or yours.

  2. Rafli Amar on

    I do not understand the strategy to call for arrest of Wenda? What good will this do to our great nation?

    Wenda has lived in United Kingdom many years now so will have British passport and all the protection that comes with that. If he was arrested now on Interpol then it would only raise the profile of his evil separatist campaign even more, as British would make big fuss on international level and it would focus more attention on Papua the problems there.

    The best approach we should take is not to give Wenda more airtime and publicity. Better that we take the approach of Indonesian Government and not recognise his existence as part of Papua. I feel that will benefit the unitary integrity of our nation, rather than making him a martyr in jail.

  3. Osborne on

    Wenda can be called a ‘notorious criminal’ and not political asylum in the UK, very similar to all terrorists that have been hiding in the UK. The granting of asylum by the British Government is not a sign that of the goodness of the terrorists in our country. We will sorry for our own weak system.

  4. Emily McGregor on

    I agree with the comments of Andy Ayamiseba. If the Indonesian Government has nothing to hide then why do they not allow unrestricted access to foreign journalists. The only reason can be that they are trying to hide something? Maybe more cases of torture and murder?

    I was lucky enough to meet independence leader Benny Wenda when he visited the Scottish Parliament as a special guest, and he is a man of impeccable character, and here in Scotland we have much respect for him and his campaign for freedom. Many Scottish people including myself would like independence too, and we stand side by side with those in West Papua that seek liberty, democracy and self-determination.

    To the writer of this blog, I say you have not tasted true democracy. Maybe you never have and so you don’t know what it really means.
    Here in Scotland we may not be independent but we can fly our flag without fear of arrest. In West Papua people are put in prison or shot dead for raising a flag. How is that democracy?

    I hope one day both Scotland and West Papua will sit side by side at the United Nations, and so too with Indonesia. For we must all work side by side in this world to make it a fairer and more peaceful place.

    The events in Egypt show that the will of the people wins through eventually. God bless Scottish and West Papuan people on our future path.

  5. […] UK, Free West Papua plays a peaceful campaign, while the background of Benny Wenda is full with blood. While in Papua and West Papua, Free West Papua armed group killing innocent people with cold blood. […]

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