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Report on Benny Wenda

True Story from Media Papua

Benny Wenda is a 35-years-old and lives in Oxford, UK and it was 10 years ago that he masterminded and led the attack on the Abepura Police station and burned two shops in the small township on December 7th 2000. Benny Wenda led 50 Papuan people and attacked a police station and torched two shops. A policeman was killed in the attack and a security guard was found dead near the shopping compound. Continue reading

Strategy of Wenda Brothers: separatism and terrorism rhyme together in West Papua

(Papua Story – Oxford) Provocation of conflict by individuals who are active in the military wing of the Free Papua Movement, such as Mathias Wenda will not succeed without the support of individuals who are active outside the country such as Benny Wenda. Both are very important elements in creating an international public opinion sympathetic to separatism in Papua. In order to build international sympathy, some Papuan separatist leaders did not hesitate to use all manner of evil, including lying to the international community.

In the strategy we can see that separatism and terrorism will walk in rhythm, that of the combination in maintaining the existence of the separatist organization. Although separatism as an ideology will be very stiff and hard and tend to impose the will which would not be consistent with democracy, but there are opportunities for a peaceful settlement for the sake of the people. Terrorism on the other hand, will never be able to receive the opportunity of dialogue and openness tends to be a suppressor method in order to obtain the goal.

Do you know the real ideology of Wenda Brothers? yes…separatism and terrorism.