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Saving Stealth (Siluman) West Papua Websites

I’ve been running this blog for more than ten years. Visitors to this blog is around 27 thousands. A small number but I think it’s okay for an independent blog about West Papua. I support West Papuan to live better life, but I disagree with provocative campaign by Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC) and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). I have a very simple reason: “please think about ending the conflict by peaceful dialogue”. No more killing and terror by Free West Papua military wing and no more security operation that frightened the population in West Papua.

I found several inactive websites about West Papua such as,,,, dan Those short-lived websites were accused as “siluman” and Indonesian word for stealth. who investigated the case clearly not in favour to the objective content of the websites, but highlighted the owner named Dr. Arya and writers who openly explained the background of why they create such websites.

Remember, three sides of every story. has its own view, the owner also has its story. How about the truth?

The truth for me is the amazing contents of stories from the websites. We can learn many aspects of West Papua that have been neglected by mainstream media and also by conflict provocateurs.

From today, I will copy and paste all stories from those stealth website and save it in my blog. If you know the owner personally, please let him know.


Be careful with Propaganda from Papua Separatist Group !

The following article is a copy paste from an inactive media owned by MACDIS.


The separatist group will always spread their lies. There will be more propaganda from the Papua separatist group either by social media, open letters, protest, or pamphlets.

Separatist group in West Papua have been fighting to separate West Papua from Indonesia. Deception and lies have been commonly practiced to promote their political interests. The separatist group has been creating propaganda through various ways to influence and control public opinions and attitudes.

West Papua National Parliament’s (WPNP) propaganda suggests that the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) summit in Honiara on July 14, 2016 is strategic and helpful to uphold the prestige and the dignity of the Papuans. The propaganda also suggests for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) to be acknowledged as a full member of MSG meaning that the Papuans is in similar level to other nations in Melanesia. The ULMWP demand will never happen because it is clearly political yapping by the groups that support Free Papua Movement with final goal to fulfill their own interests. ULMWP in MSG summit is only as an observer without any voting rights. ULMWP is an illegal organization and is not a state. Papua is Indonesia‘s legitimate territory, thus the voice of Papua will be represented by the official delegation from Indonesia.

The separatist group and their supporter keep spreading propaganda through anything. In 2009, a propaganda film was made “Forgotten Bird of Paradise” with the aim of spreading lies about West Papua and trying to create conflict in the peaceful land of Papua.

The greatest pretender Benny Wenda is still number one when it comes to spreading lies and propaganda. He proclaimed himself as the separatist leader in Papua. One of his biggest propaganda is telling the world that West Papua is suffering a real genocide before the silence of the international community. The truth is genocide in West Papua is never happened, whereas in reality Papua is quite safe and conducive. The separatist group will always spread their lies. There will be more propaganda from the Papua separatist group either by social media, open letters, protest, or pamphlets. The public must realize that Indonesian government cares and respects Papua, proven by the acceleration of infrastructure and human resource development in Papua.

Keywords: Papua, West Papua, Indonesia, Separatist, Propaganda, Politic, Government, Genocide, Melanesian, organization.

By: Bella R (Researcher MACDIS)