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Wenda must be arrested

Benny Wenda must be prosecuted, not indulged like a lazy pretender asylum.

Now consider the Proceeds of Crime Act. Wenda  led 50 people in a violence attack against a police station and burned down two shops in Papua in December 7th 2000. This has caused, according to evidences, the death of two innocent people.

In addition, more casualties have been occurred related to Benny Wenda’s malicious propaganda to create local war scale conflict in Papua. Such carnage was justified with lies that have been exposed repeatedly in Benny Wenda’s website Free West Papua.

Several violence demonstrations in the heart of Papua since 2002 were a direct consequence of Wenda’s actions. No matter how clever Wenda’s hide his true face of wolf under the mask of a funny innocent peaceful sheep, there are many evidences about the involvement of Benny Wenda in several communal conflict in Papua.

Instead of remorse, Wenda has demonstrated a secretive greed. Since entering UK, he has accumulated a significant amount of poundsterling, much of it as a result of using the Papua issue to collect money from British citizens. The total money he collected maybe small for rich British people, but greedy is one of the deadly sin.

Is it wishful thinking that Benny Wenda will be arrested? Under the protection of asylum law, Wenda can hide comfortably in the UK for the rest of his live and the same law has let down two devastated families back in Papua crying for justice.

One Side of the Papua Story from Australian Institute of International Affairs

(Papua Story – Melbourne) The philosopher John Stuart Mill said that to understand an issue it is necessary to learn the arguments on both sides equally well. This comports with the idea we all are taught that there are two sides to every story. However, an academic institution in Australia namely Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) prefer to hold a one-sided story from a Papuan troubled activist and the infamous Deakin university academic for his prejudice.The event will be held at Dyason House in East Melbourne, and unsurprisingly not attended by many people because of its lack of credibility.

The AIIA vice-president tried to defend the shameful conference by saying that the the Institute’s policy was to present all views without favour. Indonesia is now democracy, so there is no need to ask for the cancellation of the one-sided conference, and maybe there is no need to discuss about the development of Papua with a bunch of dishonest people in Australia. People in the world and academic circles will see the cheap propaganda and dishonesty of the conference.

Indonesia’s Struggle with Democracy Promotion in Papua

Short comment:

(Papua Story – Paris)

Philippe Pataud Celerier tries to simplify the problem in Papua and West Papua provinces by accusing the Indonsian democracy stops in Papua. A very immature analysis based on unconvincing data and weak arguments.

The real situation is that Indonesia after 1998 is still struggling to consolidate democracy as the single political system adopted throughout more than 17 thousand islands. Indonesia’s democracy is still in transition. There are many reasons for optimism that the old authoritarian-militarism is indeed dead and that democracy is at last emerging.  We can see the development of free press, robust civil society, and the role of political parties as agents of change in both Papua and West Papua.

Anyone with a keen memory of the New Order policy in Papua and West Papua will easily detect the huge different in Papua and West Papua now. However, anyone with cruel intention for personal gain like Benny Wenda in the UK will never be able to see the truth in Papua and West Papua. Unfortunately, a small number of Western observers were blinded by the propaganda and campaign of baseless freedom movement. Those western observers have been used by several opportunist Papuans in Australia and several other countries will fuel more conflict in Papua and West Papua. At the end of the day, people will suffer.

Stop supporting separatism and terrorism in Papua and West Papua. Support democracy in Papua and West Papua !