West Papua : Benny Wenda, a True Liar of West Papuan

From Sidney Indymedia

It is very interesting how the benefits of conflict may also take on different forms as follow:
Economic profits, Political power, Psychological pleasure. A trustful sources from Oxford shared a shocking information about how Benny Wenda took a lot of benefits from false story about conflict in West Papua. Besides, by delivering such an oration toward international NGO or joining many art and culture festival especially in England, Benny Wenda only gives false story.

Economic profits can be exploited by Benny Wenda by sucking British Taxpayer Money through his claim as an asylum seeker. Living in UK is very difficult, so there is no other way than maintaining conflict in West Papua. Furthermore, after several years enjoying free lunch from British Taxpayer money, Benny Wenda can not afford to loose the opportunity of raising his children in UK. Through the illicit fund raising by telling lies to British citizen, Benny Wenda successfully transform his mask from an asylum seeker pretender to a self exile leader of Papuan people in UK. He also equivocates to British Parliamentarians about the latest situation in West Papua, so he can control British Parliamentarians as his supporters. Political power. The self claim Papuan Leader Benny Wenda is a great pretender by playing innocent handsome cunning face. By doing so, British people feel pity and favour him as a victim of the most demonic government of Indonesia. Benny Wenda cleverly creates a justification for help because of Indonesian political repression.

Psychological pleasure. The world can read clearly the intention and ambition of Benny Wenda as the future President of West Papua. It is more to conflict’s most perverse benefits, which can translate into a feeling of superiority and a messianic certitude regarding one’s actions.Here is the innocent face of liar who proclaim himself as the only Papuan leader who care about the future of West Papua.

The more democratic Indonesia, the more Benny Wenda affraid of loosing his grip in UK. That is why he is not patient enough to see the dynamic of democratization in Indonesia and West Papua. By seeing more and more Papuan involve in the local autonomy government, he is panic so he pushes the creation of International Parliamentarians for West Papua and soon the International Lawyers for West Papua in order the increase the tension in West Papua. It seems that Benny Wenda achieves a success, so he can save his ass temporarily. No matter how cunning Benny Wenda is, someday British citizens especially those who live in Oxford, Essex, Exeter and London will realize that Benny Wenda is true liar.

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  1. Sally Collister on

    Lots of people write about this matter but you wrote down some true words.

  2. Sally Collister, UK on

    I’m not sure if the name of the person making the above comment is pure coincidence but I would like to make it extremely clear that I, Sally Collister in the UK, absolutely do NOT agree with any of the above statements and am disgusted by the claims made against Benny Wenda, who wants nothing more than to be allowed to return with his family to his homeland.

  3. Wenda on

    Sidney Indymedia
    Do you know who Benny is?
    Do you know what Benny doing?
    How do you know that truth Benny did?
    I think better keep your bad thought in your kitchen sink

  4. […] oleh orang asing semacam Joe Collins, atau fitnah dan emosi seperti the great wenda dan pembohong Benny Wenda, atau Richard Samuelson, […]

  5. Jason on

    Thank you for your information on West Papua. I am very grateful.

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