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Governor Suebu: the Independent Demand decreased

Translated from Kompas 3rd of December 2008

Jayapura, Wednesday – Governor Papua Barnabas Suebu said at this time the number of Papuan peoples  that demanded independence has been far decreased. “Results of the implementation of special autonomy (Otsus) in Papua has begun to be felt by the community so as the demand to run away from the Republic of Indonesia Unitary State (NKRI) was far decreased,” said Governor Suebu in Jayapura, on Tuesday night (2/12).

According to him, the indication of the demand reduction of the independence was seen from the presence of the resident to commemorate what was mentioned the day of “Papua Merdeka” on December 1 with the shape flew the superstar’s flag. “In the period before the Implementation of Special Autonomy, thousands of people attended the independence day in every time on December 1 and was coloured by the violence action. However currently the agenda of that kind is only attended by a small number of people”, he said. Continue reading

The turning point of Free West Papua Campaign

Two days ago Oridek AP from the Netherland complain to a friend of mine in Den Haag. He said that less people joined the celebration of West Papua independence on Monday 1st of December 2008 in Den Haag.

Yesterday, one of UK Free West Papua Campaigners said a similar tone to what Oridek said. Is it the end of Free West Papua Campaign?

The resignation or inactive co-Director of UK Free West Papua Campaign, Richard Samuelson has caused a significant impact to the movement. He might realise that the change in Indonesia is real and the democracy in Papua also real. No more violence, no more human right abuses.

Benny Wenda status as a criminal might be forgiven if he could open his eyes and heart to help the development in West Papua. He could use his influence in UK to further push the development program in Papua, especially for foreign investment.

Indonesia is moving fast in the democracy track, Benny Wenda status as asylum seeker is under big question mark. Indonesia security aparatus will not search and hunt him like in the New Order era (before 1998 reform) . Welcome home Benny Wenda…the peace land of Papua is waiting for your real contribution.


West Papua NGO denies coercion claims over refugees’ return to Indonesia

Posted at 03:32 on 01 December, 2008 UTC by RZNI

The Vanuatu spokesman for the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation, Andy Ayamiseba, has denied claims that two West Papuan refugees were coerced into returning home from Australia.

Two of the group of 43 Papua asylum seekers who fled to Australia in 2006, Yunus Wainggai and his daughter Anike, returned home late last week. Continue reading