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Shadow falls in the peaceful democratic election

Millions ordinary Papuan keep their mouth shut in silence and deeply concerned about growing violence created and supported by independence movement abroad especially from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. West Papua on the eve of the Indonesian parliamentary elections was disturbed by a successful scenario of conflict by Richard Samuelson and Benny Wenda to increase the tension among people in West Papua. We believe that recent events underscore the need for a careful approach to the problems in West Papua, and that there is an urgent need for Indonesian security (Police) to be alert by such cruel intention. Continue reading

Indonesia: Papuan copper miners end Freeport strike

BBC News Indonesia

Indonesian unions have reached a deal with bosses of US-owned firm Freeport to end a strike at one of the world’s biggest copper mines. Continue reading

Indonesia strike hits Freeport’s Papua copper mine

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One of the biggest gold and copper mines in the world has been severely hit by a bitter pay dispute, union leaders at the Indonesian facility say.

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A letter from Papua


Dear friends,

I am writing this time trying to peel the history of Papua from a different angle than usual as a non-Papuans. During this time, I often read various online source and print coverage that tends to discredit the Government of Republic of Indonesia to raise the issue of history, racial differences and inequalities that are written by indigenous Papuans. As an Indonesian who was born and raised in this homeland, obviously, deeply regrets when Papua have to split from the my Homeland. More than two hundred years ago, We’ve never imagined a black race can lead the U.S. as it is now. Obama’s rise as the U.S. President has broken all the things that are considered taboo in the past. One friend of mine, a true Republican mentions the existence of an unwritten rule to become U.S. president was White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant (WASP) as well as in Indonesia, Javanese and Muslim. Apparently all it can be broken by personal capabilities and impressive performance from a Presidential candidate. This is surely had crossed my mind, why not, someday, this prosperous land Gemah Ripah jinawi would led by a young nation from indigenous Papuan who has a highly potential intelligence? Obama has been prove it, why don’t we? YES YOU CAN, YES WE CAN Continue reading

Academic doubts Papua will see Middle East-style uprising

Posted at 01:42 on 25 February, 2011 UTC RNZI

An academic specialising in Papua affairs says it is unlikely that effective popular uprisings like those seen across the Middle East will take place in Indonesia’s Papua region.

The comment by Richard Chauvel from Melbourne’s Victoria University came at this week’s Comprehending West Papua conference in Sydney.

Some delegates at the Sydney University conference claimed that ongoing mass mobilisations demanding change in Arab countries give hope to Papuans frustrated with Indonesian rule.

However, Dr Chauvel says the context is very different in Papua.

“The Indonesian government can contain what happens in Papua in a way that doesn’t affect mainstream Indonesian politics and society. For this Indonesian government and President, there are no votes in Papua. That consensus that Papua is part of Indonesia is still intact.”

Richard Chauvel

Comment on Justice for West Papua

West Papua, or Irian, is just another part of Indonesia which finally came back to the motherland in 1969. The fact that the Ducth managed to holds on part of our country for a little bit longer than the rest does not mean that they should not return it all. Continue reading

On the Papua torture video

The world would love to congratulate Mr. Andreas Harsono for his contribution to disclose the papua torture video worldwide, but the world will not automatically recognised  the black campaign of Papua separatist groups which have tried to used the video case as its political maneuver to steal the world attention to them.

All Indonesian and especially Papuan ethnic group appreciate the serious efforts by the Government of Indonesia in conducting an investigation into the case of the video recording thoroughly. A special team was formed to handle these issues as a form of attention and seriousness of the government of Indonesia on this matter.

Military members who perform beyond the government’s macro policies will be investigated in accordance to the rules that apply in the military.

Since 2005, the Government of Indonesia has implemented the economic  and welfare approach to the problem in Papua and the security approach has been decreased dramatically.

Aspect of empowerment of indigenous people is used in order to bring stability to support economic prosperity in the community. However, stability and security are a prerequisite in building and creating wealth. In reality, armed activities of the Free Papua Movement that disrupt security in Papua do exist even though the scale is not too big. TNI and Police have the main duty to enforce security so that economic activity continues to run well.

The false peaceful campaign of the Free Papua Movement is becoming more and more dangerous because they do harm harmony and peace in Papua by instigating hatred, racist comment and fueling local conflict by sending wrong messages to the world.

Please be careful with all Free Papua Movement campaign !

Papua Indonesia: One People One Soul

Papua isn’t different like another provinces in Indonesia. We were established our country together with the same of act or equality rules. The different one just based from race, the eastern of Indonesian inhabitant ( Papua, Maluku n Timor Islands) are Melanesian Negroid Race not like majority of Indonesian that Malayan Mongoloid Race, but itsn’t a matter coz its nothing dominate supperior here, like Caucasoid to Aborigin in Australia, itsn’t being in Papua. Papuan held their own govermential there. We’ve some Caucasoid Race too in Acehnese, North Sumatra. Continue reading

The Youth Pledge

The Youth Pledge

We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one nation, the nation of Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, respect the language of unity, Indonesian. Continue reading

Testimony of US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert Scher
Asian and Pacific Security Affairs
Office of the Secretary of Defense
before the
Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment
Committee on Foreign Affairs
United States House of Representatives
September 22, 2010

“Crimes Against Humanity: When Will Indonesia’s Military Be Held Accountable for Deliberate and Systematic Abuses in West Papua?”

Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to discuss the Indonesian military’s activities in Papua and West Papua. This issue is important to our relationship with Indonesia, and one that we in the Department of Defense are paying very close attention to. I look forward to sustaining an on-going dialogue with you as these dynamics evolve.

Indonesia is a strategically important country to the United States for several reasons. It is the fourth most populous country on the planet, is home to more Muslims than any other country in the world, and stretches more than 3,000 miles across a key maritime transit route that connects the Middle East to East Asia. These have been facts for a long time. However, now we can add another reason that makes Indonesia important to the United States, and that is that Indonesia is a democracy. In fact, since the fall of Suharto more than ten years ago, Indonesia has taken its place as the world’s third largest democracy. In that short time, Indonesia has made great advancements in consolidating its democracy, an important piece of which is progress on both defense reform and military professionalization.

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