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Shameless campaign to create bloody political conflict in West Papua

Benny Wenda’s Free West Papua Campaign has launch so many irresponsible and provocative campaign. After a shameless hoax of naming innocent entity as the attacker of their website, it has launch facebook page which will be erased soon if it is continue to provoke violence in West Papua. Based on so many facts and data on the internet, Facebook authority is now watching Free West Papua Campaign closely.

Please help the creation of a peaceful Papua !

Please do not provoke violence in West Papua !

Free West Papua Pretends to be under DDoS Attack to Attract Attention to British People

The notorious criminal, Benny Wenda conducted another hate demonstration and anti-Indonesia provocative campaign early this month. The tiny online Free West Papua Campaign was portrayed as victims of Indonesia’s DDoS attack.

The story began to unfold very quickly. Free West Papua Campaign website publishes short message claiming that Indonesian Government and/or its allies was conducting DDoS attack in order to silence the West Papuan independence movement.

The author of the hoax cleverly put another message with smaller font like this :

Many thanks to all those who have given us free technical advice and help and to all those who have donated time and money to help us overcome this criminal action and cencorship. 

Soon after the announcement, Benny Wenda starts a money collection campaign. Sadly, some people might start calling, twitting, sending message each other saying that Free West Papua Campaign was under attack and they start to send their money for the hoax.

Captured of the hoax message