Greenpeace renews calls for sustainable energy in Papua

JAKARTA: Indonesia should expedite the development of renewable energy industries to meet growing electricity demands, Greenpeace said in a statement on Saturday.

“Greenpeace believes that clean, renewable energy is crucial for genuine development.”

“Our message is clear: Sustainability and economic development go hand-in-hand. Destructive carbon-intensive fossil fuel based systems like coal and diesel have given rise to the most urgent environmental threats that our country and the world face today,” said Greenpeace Southeast Asia climate and energy campaigner Arif Fiyanto.

Greenpeace made the statement on Saturday after it installed a 1 kilowatt solar-wind hybrid energy system at Mansinam Island in the regency of Manokwari.

Only 30.65% of villages in Papua are electrified, well below the 2011 government target of a 65% electrification ratio for all regions in Indonesia. The groups says the government plans to address this discrepancy using fossil fuels.

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