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WPNA’s Malicious Intent towards Amien Rais

On 22 April 2010, The West Papua National Authority (WPNA) release a statement on Papua to the press. We surely do respect the freedom of expression by WPNA because in the free world, we have the right to express our thought. However, we must always remember that our statement is defintely wrong if our statement based on lies and malicious intent.

WPNA is very often lack of credibility in its statement. As a clear example, in WPNA’s statement on 22 April as follows:

WEST PAPUA: Responsibility of America and The Netherlands

At a large rally today in West Papua, Rev. Terrianus Israel Yochu called on America and the Netherlands to take responsibility for the New York  Agreement of 1962 which illegally transferred West Papua to Indonesia.

Papuans from all over the territory are massing in the pretty coastal town of Manokwari to demand their democratic rights to free speech at a rally organised by the Executive of the West Papua National Authority (West Papuans’ provisional government).

“We are calling on all 84 member countries of the United Nations that approved the Indonesian occupation in 1969 to accept responsibility for their decision” added Rev. Yochu who is President of the National Congress of the West Papua National Authority. “America and the Netherlands have a particular responsibility to negotiate another referendum.”

Papuans were heartened by the recent comments of Professor Amien Rais who said Special Autonomy had created ‘hell on earth’ for West Papuans.

The Gadja Mada University lecturer said that for forty-seven years the Indonesian Republic had been robbing terrorising and intimidating its citizens in West Papua.

Rais is the former Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament and former President of Partai Amanah National (National Mandate Party).

“We appreciate Professor Rai’s honesty” said Rev. Yochu.

We could not imagine why a Reverend like Rev. Terrianus Israel Yochu has the heart to tell lies to the public about Amien Rais.

According to Papua Story’s contact from the National Mandate Party, Amien Rais might be very critical to the Government of Indonesia, but he never made such statement.

Honesty is always the best policy, especially if we have the heart. But when a religious leader lost in the evil world of politics, we could not expect that  God will help us.