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Two civilians killed, soldier injured in attack

The Jakarta Post | Sat, 01/15/2011 1:04 PM | The Archipelago

JAYAPURA: Two civilians were killed and a soldier was injured as three people were reported to have attacked a military post in Merauke, Papua, on Friday.

The attack reportedly took place at 8 a.m. local time, or 6 a.m. Jakarta time.

The two victims were identified as Clemen Basik-Basik and Amandus Basik-Basik. The former was killed during the attack while using arrows, and the latter was shot dead when he fleeing with guns seized from the post. Continue reading

Report on Benny Wenda

True Story from Media Papua

Benny Wenda is a 35-years-old and lives in Oxford, UK and it was 10 years ago that he masterminded and led the attack on the Abepura Police station and burned two shops in the small township on December 7th 2000. Benny Wenda led 50 Papuan people and attacked a police station and torched two shops. A policeman was killed in the attack and a security guard was found dead near the shopping compound. Continue reading