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PNG’s joint forces border operation could be extended

Updated February 11, 2011 17:38:40 Radio Australia

Authorities in Papua New Guinea have recently rounded up more than 100 people at the border with the Indonesian province of Papua and took them to a refugee camp in PNG’s Western province.

They join other West Papuans at the East Awin refugee camp which is protected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

They were rounded up by a joint PNG security forces operation to locate, search and destroy alleged West Papua training camps and settlements at the PNG-Indonesia border.

The Joint Forces Commander, Jerry Frank says the operation has also resulted in the collection a lot of revenue for the government.

He says the operation could be extended by another three months to June when it expires next month.

Presenter: Firmin Nanol

Speaker: Jerry Frank, PNG’s Joint Forces Commander

PNG border crackdown detains 14 suspected of OPM links

(RNZI) The head of Papua New Guinea’s join security forces operation in Sandaun province around the border with Indonesia says 14 detainees are suspected of being members of the militant separatist group, OPM Free West Papua.

Operation Sunset Merona has been underway for three weeks with more than 100 people arrested and detained for alleged illegal movement across the border from Indonesia.

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