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Benny Wenda says West Papua Liberation Army not criminals

Benny Wenda statement is a hard evidence of his support to Free West Papua violent action by killing civilians. He can hide in Oxford like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but his true identity began to appear gradually.

Source: Radio New Zealand RNZ  Link artikel : WPLA claims

12:53 pm on 7 December 2018
Benny Wenda

The bodies of 16 people have been recovered from the Papua highlands, where a massacre of at least 24 Indonesian construction workers is believed to have taken place on Sunday. Continue reading

West Papua Liberation Army claims responsibility for Papua killings

Source: Radio New Zealand RNZ  Link artikel : WPLA claims

4:37 pm on 5 December 2018

Separatist Free West Papua military wing,  The West Papua Liberation Army is claiming responsibility for the killings of at least 24 Indonesian construction workers in Papua.


The West Papua Liberation Army

The claims confirmed initial blame placed on the separatist group by Indonesian authorities, and marked a deadly escalation of conflict in the restive region unseen in recent years. Continue reading

Separatists Free West Papua suspected of killing 31 workers in Indonesia’s Papua province

Renewed violence highlights risks in Widodo’s push to develop remote region

victim of free west papua

Victims of Free West Papua Campaign Armed Group

JAKARTA — Attackers killed 31 construction workers in Indonesia’s Papua province over the weekend, highlighting the security challenges President Joko Widodo faces in developing the restive, remote region.

The workers were attacked by a group of armed men suspected of belonging to the separatist Free Papua Movement, local media reported. One of the construction workers had taken a photo of the group holding a ceremony, the reports said. The killing mark a violent turn for the group, which has been largely subdued in recent years, especially since Widodo took office in 2014. Continue reading

The Benefit of Conflict

It is very shocking news for most Papuan !

Please read this news carefully, a Papuan named Kumeser inform Papua Story about Benny Wenda in UK.

News Link :


Free West Papua Campaign: Two Face

Dear readers of Papua Story,

There are two important messages from London regarding the recent launch of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua which was launched in the Houses of Parliament, London on 15th October 2008.

First, it showing a face of separatist supporters who don’t understand the socio-economic-politico improvement in  West Papua.

Second, it is showing a face of liars who love to create public disturbance in the peaceful God’s land of Papua.

For those of you in all parts of the world who care for Papua, please read further information at Free West Papua Website. You can also jump to several articles as follows:

1. Free West Papua Campaign

2. International Parliamentarians for West Papua

3. West Papua Separatist Supporters

4. The Cowardice Issue

International Parliamentarians for West Papua

(Papua Story) – An Apparently Unimportant Event: Launching of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua in the UK Parliamentary House on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. An opening reception performance will be held at the Parliamentary Square as manipulative attraction to take attention of Members of Parliamentary.

Drawn from a liar of co-director of Free West Papua Campaign Richard Samuelson, this historic blunder  of political pressure features Indonesian asylum seeker artists brought to the UK several years ago. Included are such amateur as Benny, Maria Wenda, and Mambesak.

For complete information please visit International Parliamentarians for West Papua

Free West Papua Campaign

A very interesting and shocking notes on Free West Papua Campaign by Free West Papua should be read by Papuan from all walk of life. Here is the lead paragraph:

I feel so sad when an activist of Free West Papua Campaign asked me to stop writing in my own blog because my position is in opposite to the Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign. I also feel sorry for Richard Samuelson attitude because he has been running away from my challenge to explain his position in Free West Papua Campaign. We as papuan are very pleased that there is sincere attention from foreign citizen like Samuelson. However, we should be sure that the attention will create a better understanding. In contrast to the people expectation, Richard Samuelson is always provoking conflict without even thinking about the consequences.

For the rest of the notes please read Free West Papua Campaign