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Separatists Free West Papua suspected of killing 31 workers in Indonesia’s Papua province

Renewed violence highlights risks in Widodo’s push to develop remote region

victim of free west papua

Victims of Free West Papua Campaign Armed Group

JAKARTA — Attackers killed 31 construction workers in Indonesia’s Papua province over the weekend, highlighting the security challenges President Joko Widodo faces in developing the restive, remote region.

The workers were attacked by a group of armed men suspected of belonging to the separatist Free Papua Movement, local media reported. One of the construction workers had taken a photo of the group holding a ceremony, the reports said. The killing mark a violent turn for the group, which has been largely subdued in recent years, especially since Widodo took office in 2014. Continue reading

PNG targets rebel camps along Indonesian border

ABC Radio Australia News

Firmin Nanol

Last Updated: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 17:40:00 +1100

Papua New Guinea’s government has deployed a joint security operation to destroy alleged free West Papua activist training camps along the PNG-Indonesia border.

The government says illegal activities in Vanimo along its side of the border pose a national security threat to its sovereignty. Continue reading

West Papua: Attacked Border Post in Merauke

6 January 2011

Violence Attack by Free Papua Movement

Merauke: An attack on a border post between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea when two local inhabitants, Klemen Basik-Basik and Amandus Basik-Basik were shot dead is now under investigation. The two lost their lives because they attacked members of infantry battalion 132/Bima Sakti who were on duty at the post.

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Shadow falls in the peaceful democratic election

Millions ordinary Papuan keep their mouth shut in silence and deeply concerned about growing violence created and supported by independence movement abroad especially from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. West Papua on the eve of the Indonesian parliamentary elections was disturbed by a successful scenario of conflict by Richard Samuelson and Benny Wenda to increase the tension among people in West Papua. We believe that recent events underscore the need for a careful approach to the problems in West Papua, and that there is an urgent need for Indonesian security (Police) to be alert by such cruel intention. Continue reading