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Serious shortage of teachers in West Papua

Cenderawasih Pos, 6 October 2008 translated by TAPOL

Responding to a statement by the Minister of Education, Bambang Sudibiyo, that Indonesia has far too many teachers, Manuel Wetapo SE, member of Commission C of the DPRP (Papuan Regional Assembly) said that if this is the case, people at the centre need to take a look at the situation in Papua where many regions which have plenty of school buildings suffer from a serious shortage of teachers; in some places there are no teachers at all.

‘Many people complain about the lack of teachers and are asking why this is so,’ he said.

He said that during a recent trip to the Central Highlands, he found that of the 133 state schools in the area, some have so few teachers that the children fill their school time playing or working. because they gave nothing to do. Continue reading