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Who responsible for the deepening conflict in West Papua?

The beautiful island of Papua once known as the ‘God’s beautiful peaceful land’ very soon will be known as the ‘God’s unstoppably wrathful land’ due to the provocation from the heart of London which will hurt innocent people who live in the entire land.

The conflict that is spread is not affecting the son or daughter of the high, noble and mighty in London, the politicians or the wealthy in Oxford- but of the poor Indonesian citizen who live in Papua. They are struggling for survival whilst the rich and the powerful in London are merrymaking with the launching of a bunch of provocateurs to create war between Separatists Papua and Indonesian military. Indonesian ordinary citizens who live in Papua are against this immoral and irresponsible acts.

You can help ordinary Papuan by pushing peaceful dialog in solving Papua problem.

You can help stop the human rights abuses by strengthening the Indonesian national human rights commission.

You can help democracy in Papua by strengthening education, health and civil society movement.

Can you help Papuan by deepening conflict there ?

God help Papua.