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A Short History of West Papua

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Papua and West Papua Provinces of Indonesia (photo: shutterstock)

To understand the current political situation in Papua and West Papua provinces, it is necessary to examine recent history. What is now known as Indonesia was the most important Dutch colony until the end of World War II.

The struggle for independence was a difficult fight for freedom, and the Dutch were very reluctant to give up their jewel in Asia. After the Indonesians, led by President Sukarno, declared independence in 1945, the Dutch did not formally relinquish their sovereignty until the end of 1949 and only after great pressure on the world.

All the regions of Dutch East Indies became the Republic of Indonesia except the Dutch New Guinea or Irian Jaya (hereinafter referred to as West Papua). The Dutch were able to maintain some control over West Papua through some more deceptive tactics until the early 1960s. Please read

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Various Types of Traditional Papuan Dances

Dancing is one of the most common expressions of culture. Thank you for sharing the article about traditional Papuan dancing.

WEST PAPUA – Papua has succeeded in attracting tourists with its natural beauty. Not only nature, Papua also has traditional arts and culture that can attract the attention of tourists, one of which is traditional dances. Monday (2/4/22).

Papuan traditional dances have unique characteristics. Because, this dance from the eastern part of Indonesia presents a number of meanings that are closely related to everyday life.

Various Types of Traditional Papuan Dances

  1. Suanggi Dance

Suanggi Dance (for complete story please visit The Enchanting Suanggi Dance)

This dance presents the story of a man who was abandoned by his wife. It is also narrated that his wife’s spirit wanders and disturbs those around him.

Finally, the man performed a ritual to appease the spirit of his wife. The ritual eventually developed into a Suanggi Dance.

  1. Awaijale Rilejale Dance

Awaijale Rilejale Dance (photo: Wikipedia)

This dance comes from the Jayapura Regency area…

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Victims of Free West Papua “Peaceful Campaign”

WARNING, DISTRESSING PHOTO: Please, send to your media and representatives‏.

Papuastory urges Indonesian Government to Investigate Brutal Killing of Papua Local Policemen by Free West Papua separatist terrorism.

Source: Media Papua

Thanks to Oxford City Council for supporting the brutal killing in Papua and West Papua every 1 December.

Papuan children show-off their math skills

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Wed, 09/16/2009 2:19 PM

Demira and Merlin, both third-grade students and foster children of renowned physicist Prof. Yohanes Surya, stunned an audience at a seminar in Jayapura, Papua, by solving complex math problems in their heads without any assistance.

The one-day World Vision Indonesia (WVI) seminar was held Monday in celebration of the 30th anniversary of WVI in Papua.

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A letter from Papua


Dear friends,

I am writing this time trying to peel the history of Papua from a different angle than usual as a non-Papuans. During this time, I often read various online source and print coverage that tends to discredit the Government of Republic of Indonesia to raise the issue of history, racial differences and inequalities that are written by indigenous Papuans. As an Indonesian who was born and raised in this homeland, obviously, deeply regrets when Papua have to split from the my Homeland. More than two hundred years ago, We’ve never imagined a black race can lead the U.S. as it is now. Obama’s rise as the U.S. President has broken all the things that are considered taboo in the past. One friend of mine, a true Republican mentions the existence of an unwritten rule to become U.S. president was White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant (WASP) as well as in Indonesia, Javanese and Muslim. Apparently all it can be broken by personal capabilities and impressive performance from a Presidential candidate. This is surely had crossed my mind, why not, someday, this prosperous land Gemah Ripah jinawi would led by a young nation from indigenous Papuan who has a highly potential intelligence? Obama has been prove it, why don’t we? YES YOU CAN, YES WE CAN Continue reading

Analysis: Indonesia: Focus on ‘eco-cultural’ tourism

Josh Franken, Oxford Business Group | Mon, 01/10/2011 11:08 AM | Business| Jakarta Post

Indonesia plans to promote its natural and cultural attractions in order to reach its target of 7.6 million tourist arrivals in 2011, with an emphasis on “eco-cultural” sights and activities. These are expected to attract well-heeled visitors who spend more and have less of an impact on the environment.
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Strategy of Wenda Brothers: separatism and terrorism rhyme together in West Papua

(Papua Story – Oxford) Provocation of conflict by individuals who are active in the military wing of the Free Papua Movement, such as Mathias Wenda will not succeed without the support of individuals who are active outside the country such as Benny Wenda. Both are very important elements in creating an international public opinion sympathetic to separatism in Papua. In order to build international sympathy, some Papuan separatist leaders did not hesitate to use all manner of evil, including lying to the international community.

In the strategy we can see that separatism and terrorism will walk in rhythm, that of the combination in maintaining the existence of the separatist organization. Although separatism as an ideology will be very stiff and hard and tend to impose the will which would not be consistent with democracy, but there are opportunities for a peaceful settlement for the sake of the people. Terrorism on the other hand, will never be able to receive the opportunity of dialogue and openness tends to be a suppressor method in order to obtain the goal.

Do you know the real ideology of Wenda Brothers? yes…separatism and terrorism.

Authorities in Indonesia transport relief supplies to victims of West Papua quake

(Papua Story) The authorities in Indonesia are transporting tents, food and medical supplies by helicopter to the remote island in West Papua where more than 4,000 people were made homeless by an earthquake last week. Continue reading

False Accusations by Joe Collins of AWPA

Early this year, Joe Collins has been circulating  reports and letters from Sidney Australia claiming that the situation deteriorates further in West Papua with more arrests and the shooting of protesters.  For Several years, Joe Collins manufactured lies, false evidence and acted wrongfully against the peaceful development of Papua and West Papua Provinces under the special autonomy law. Continue reading

Mine guards hurt in Papua ambush



September 13, 2009

TWO security officers have been hurt in an ambush near a US-owned mine in Indonesia’s restive West Papua province.

The officers were wounded when shots were fired at a Freeport McMoRan bus they were travelling on to the giant Grasberg gold and copper mine, according to police spokesman Agus Rianto.

The attack was on the only road linking the highland mine to the coast, where similar ambushes have taken place. Australian mine technician Drew Grant was killed in a July 11 attack, and a Freeport security guard and a policeman were killed the next day.

The Freeport mine sits on some of the world’s richest gold reserves, and the US company’s local subsidiary is the largest single taxpayer to the Indonesian Government.