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New species found in ‘lost world’ of Papuan mountains

BRIDIE SMITH, May 18, 2010

RESEARCHERS have uncovered a clutch of previously unknown species living in a remote area of West Papua often referred to as ”the lost world”.

In the United Nations international year of biodiversity, the group’s announcement includes a unique tree frog with a Pinocchio-like nose.

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Papua governor’s effort in protecting forest

Friday, 30 October 2009

In overcoming deforestation in Papua, Governor o Papua, Barnabas Suebu said that all forest concession holders would have to develop wood processing facilities in Papua, as the ban on raw log exports would remain in place. They must also agree to plant five trees for every one they cut.

The regulation as effort to control because at least 7.2 million cubic metres of timber was being cut in Papua a year, rapidly shrinking its 42 million hectares of forest, which has the highest level of biodiversity in the world.

In the end, Mr. Suebu promised to save papua’s forest and manage it in a sustainable way and make money to eradicate poverty and create prosperity for all Papuan as the goal of his policy.

The Age/30 Oct 2009

Indonesia Papua forests seen under palm oil threat

Very important environmental news from REUTERS Wed Oct 8, 2008 8:13am EDT
JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia must do more to save pristine rainforests in Papua from destruction, particularly with plans to open up huge tracts of land to develop palm oil plantations, environmentalists said on Wednesday.

The rapidly expanding palm oil industry in Southeast Asia has come under attack by green groups for destroying rainforests and wildlife, as well the emission of greenhouse gases. Continue reading

Protect Papuan from Cholera

The story about cholera epidemic in West Papua was used by separatist group by telling the world about the natural demographic genocide by Indonesia government. In reality, the health problem is a national problem and it happens in almost every remote area in Indonesia. Indonesian government should pay more serius attention to what happen to its people, including in West Papua.

In West Papua’s cholera epidemic, usually it spread very fast in a swamp area or during rainy season. It getting worse because the huts are full of smoke, pigs walk freely around the place, no toilets are available. Clean water comes from a dubious steam. School and health post are left behind without staff. There are gardens everywhere, but the crop gets flooded during the rainy season. The local and central government respond is also very slow due to its incapability to give quick respond to disaster and epidemic case.

A very objective and interesting story from dokter van de wereled can be a good source for understanding the reality in West Papua. The story is about cholera eppidemic in the highland of regions of paniai.