Stop De Slow Motion Genocide in West Papua

The campaign of “Stop De Slow Motion Genocide in West Papua” by Oridek AP and Insa AP in the Netherlands is not only mislead the Dutch people about the reality of democracy and peace in West Papua for the last 12 years, but also put together all unrelated different stories  of violence conducted by Free West Papua and Indonesian military.

In one side, Indonesian military is basically doing their jobs to protect all Indonesian citizens in West Papua from intimidation and terror attack by the terrorist separatist Free West Papua. On the other side, Free West Papua’s terror attacks by shooting people in several areas such as in Timika near Freeport area can not be justified by any law in the world.

“Slow-motion genocide” is a favorite propaganda of some opportunist academics and separatist movements  in every part of  world. Also “passive genocide.” The first suggests that not all of the deaths have occurred yet, but they will. The second suggests that a huge number of non-violent deaths could have been prevented if the conflict had been avoided. The most important question then who contribute to the deaths?

If there is no such separatists terrorist group in West Papua, there will be no conflict at all, right ?

“Slow motion genocide” is easily refuted: even discounting  refugees issues, the West Papuan population has more than doubled under Indonesian rule (800,000 in 1971 to 1.8 million in 2010).  Please read the latest statistic.

To demonstrate that something is moving slowly and inexorably towards a certain point, you must at the very least demonstrate that it is not moving backwards. This paradox unimpressive, for the simple reason that it is not a paradox. It is simply wrong.

The genocide in West Papua is simply an empty accusations by terrorist separatist like Free West Papua who try to use the children of a talented Papuan musician Arnold AP.

To accuse Indonesia of “slow-motion genocide” is simply a useful way of diverting us from the success of democracy and economic development in Indonesia including in West Papua. So the campaign of Oridek AP and Insa AP is meaningless.

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  1. Phillip on

    cool post! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Juliet on

    Excellent post! Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Anne Christ on

    I like your argument. Poor Papuan people are extremely suffer by their propaganda.

  4. Nebineba on

    The bottom line of the argument is that We, West Papuans always part of the Indonesia. One People One Soul

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