Academic doubts Papua will see Middle East-style uprising

Posted at 01:42 on 25 February, 2011 UTC RNZI

An academic specialising in Papua affairs says it is unlikely that effective popular uprisings like those seen across the Middle East will take place in Indonesia’s Papua region.

The comment by Richard Chauvel from Melbourne’s Victoria University came at this week’s Comprehending West Papua conference in Sydney.

Some delegates at the Sydney University conference claimed that ongoing mass mobilisations demanding change in Arab countries give hope to Papuans frustrated with Indonesian rule.

However, Dr Chauvel says the context is very different in Papua.

“The Indonesian government can contain what happens in Papua in a way that doesn’t affect mainstream Indonesian politics and society. For this Indonesian government and President, there are no votes in Papua. That consensus that Papua is part of Indonesia is still intact.”

Richard Chauvel

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  1. algebra on

    i love it!

  2. Wayne Richard on

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  3. Kolef on

    100 % agree !

  4. gallic on

    you’re right ! Immoral and Irresponsible academic should not be listened. Thanks

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