Open letter to Andy Ayamiseba

Dear Andy, (If I may?)

Several days ago you wrote this comment:

“There are three sides of a story…, tell the Indonesian Government to open the gate in Papua and West Papua to foreign journalists so the truth could be identified, not mine or yours.”

About the gate to Papua, it is always open as you may see in the many reports on Papua directly from Papua. Hundreds foreign journalists and NGO activists with tourists visa have visited Papua. Jay Griffiths from UK said that it is not difficult to go there (Papua): buy a ticket, say you’re a tourist, and get your notebook out. Very simple, right?

According to the written regulations, Papua is not closed to foreigner. But why Indonesian government requires letter of permission for foreign journalists? I don’t understand myself, but I could explain in a plain sentence that not all foreign journalist have a sincere intention, they need a good story which has high value. What is the most interesting story in the world? human conflict or maybe I should put it…bloody human conflict, it will always attract the world attention, right?. We don’t want that kind of story to be happen, but some opportunist journalists are willing to do everything to make it happen, just like Dominic Brown’s report on the military wing of the Free Papua Movement, fueling conflict in Papua. Please correct me again, if I am wrong.

Who benefit such report? Indonesian military for raising the budget and Free Papua Campaign for international attention, but who will suffer? ordinary Papuan.

Another simple argument. Indonesian security apparatus will not be able to protect all journalist who will visit Papua. What will happen if one foreign journalist killed by a bullet (not clear who responsible), there will be a huge issue fueling the conflict, and then who will suffer?  all citizen who live in Papua. Papua will become a hotspot, is that what you want Andy?

I am not trying to defend Indonesian government. Three sides to every story, all of us always see from our own interest and position. My blog is switched and mixed, probably messed up with the complexity of the problem. I just want to open our eyes and try to see from many angles, so when all parties (traditional leaders, local government and central government, NGOs and civil societies, religious leaders, free papua leaders) try to understand then peace may be blessed to our beautiful and rich land.

The truth is out there. There are many problems in Papua, health, education, soci0-economic, environment, politics and securities.  No matters how bad separatist activists depicting Papua and West Papua provinces, to be honest, the situation and development is much better than our neighbour, Papua New Guinea.

The most important thing right now is to develop Papua in all  sectors, not only about economic and budget share, but most importantly is to give the best health care and education for the future of Papua. There is a complicated pro and cons about the implementation of the special autonomy, why some people who are also Papuan don’t want the special autonomy to be successful, please share your honest opinion about this. I would say this is part of the separatist strategy, please correct me? So who cares about the future of Papuan children?

Andy, you are one of the most influential leader in Papua and  I know that you understand what I’m saying.

With best wishes,


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  1. Pacific Forum on

    Hey, you’ve wrote a different article/letter this time ! nice to read it. Hopefully Indonesian could also see from pacific perspective about the future of West Papua. We will never support Free West Papua if the special autonomy successful. Your letter to Andy Ayamiseba has opened our eyes that some Papuan elites may have intentional efforts to failed the special autonomy. At the end of the day, Papuan will even suffer more. Regards

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