Two civilians killed, soldier injured in attack

The Jakarta Post | Sat, 01/15/2011 1:04 PM | The Archipelago

JAYAPURA: Two civilians were killed and a soldier was injured as three people were reported to have attacked a military post in Merauke, Papua, on Friday.

The attack reportedly took place at 8 a.m. local time, or 6 a.m. Jakarta time.

The two victims were identified as Clemen Basik-Basik and Amandus Basik-Basik. The former was killed during the attack while using arrows, and the latter was shot dead when he fleeing with guns seized from the post.

“The three attacked the military post using traditional weapons. They attacked and seized the guns” Cendrawasih Military Command official Lieu. Col. Harry Priyatna told The Jakarta Post by phone.

Harry believed that the attack was related to an incident the day before when Clemen Basik-Basik was questioned by police officers following complaints that he was consistently blamed for causing public unrest.— JP


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Attacked Border Post in Merauke, Indonesia, 2 Killed and 1 Injury

Pos Indonesia’s border security task force in Papua New Guineain Merauke, Papua provinces, Indonesia, was attacked by two people on Friday morning (14 / 1).

Both were killed while trying to attack the Infantry Battalion 132post in Kampung Nasem Milky Way, Merauke Merauke district of Papua.

Two attackers were each Clement Samkakai and AmandusGalum. They died on the spot after a hot tin hit by TNI officers who perform resistance.

Clement Samkakai found dead next to the guardhouse, while Amandus Galum found dead about 10 meters from the guardhouse.

Meanwhile, the military, one member of the Private Sukirmansuffered injuries due to hit the arrow on the left arm and is nowbeing treated in hospital emergency rooms Merauke.

The second attacker is known that the day before recidivist drunk and disturbing the residents.

174 Danrem ATW Merauke, Col. Hadi CZI Prasojo explainchronological attack occurs suddenly when the attack was only one member who was on guard while the others were in the barracks doing activities as usual.

Members of the guard was immediately attacked with arrows andmachetes, and firearms were taken by the perpetrator.

When actors want to strike, members in the barracks directly outperingatran shots. However, ignored the perpetrators so that theyeventually overpowered.

Pos satgas Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Infantry Battalion 132Milky Way in Kampung Nasem Merauke Merauke district of Papua is 30 kilometers from the capital district. The village is inhabited by local residents with a population of 40 heads of households.

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