Basic Information on West Papua

by : Djakarta

  1. The alleged “genocide” in West Papua never happened since the population of native Papuans doubled under Indonesian rule (800,000 in 1971 to 1.8 million in 2010).  Please read the latest statistic.
  2. It is statistically impossible for “100,000 people” to be killed due to the fact all tribal languages (each of which at average has only several hundred speakers) that existed prior to Indonesian rule, actually still exists today. Please read ethnologue.
  3. Papua IS NOT CLOSED TO FOREIGNERS since hundreds of foreign journalists have visited the place, and the fact that thousands of foreign expats work there in mining or as missionaries.
  4. The integration of Papua into Indonesia is completely flawless legally, as acknowledged by UN General Assembly Resolution, and by every country in the world.

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