Comment on Justice for West Papua

West Papua, or Irian, is just another part of Indonesia which finally came back to the motherland in 1969. The fact that the Ducth managed to holds on part of our country for a little bit longer than the rest does not mean that they should not return it all.

Papua was part of Indonesia even before the European colonized our land. If you try to learn some history, you will find out that early when the first European came there, dutch explorer asked for permission from one of Indonesian kings from Ternate. There was even formal recognition by Dutch government of the sovereignty of Ternate over this area. So what happened in 1969 was simply the Dutch handing over the last parcel of land they took deceitfully.

It is like if Germany managed somehow to take East and West London in WW2, and somehow East London got freed earlier.. and then the people in Berlin start to claim that West London should be made independent as a new country altogether. Nonsense.

As for the difference in culture, Indonesia now consists of more than 300 different people with different cultures and languages, from people who lives in mountain and jungles to people who are seafaring… so Papua is simply part of that diverse culture of people. People in Europe are being feed a misinformation that Indonesia is only a Javanese (ie. monoculture) country.. and this Javanese is invading papua.. this is not true. Stop trying to poison the mind of our Papuan brothers. Papua is not a colony, our nation Indonesia is a brotherhood of equals, Papuans can go freely around Indonesia for any reason they want, just like any other Indonesian can go freely to any part of our country, including Papua. Papuans has been doctors, lawyers, governors, admirals.. even a sitting government ministers. That does not look like a people under genocide.

It is not all rosy in Papua, just like it is not all heaven in other part of the country.. But that is not because of any genocide or colonialism.. it is just that we are still a developing country.. but if you compare the state of our side of the border and the other one in the area, I think it is save to say that we are one of the more developed ones. We are trying hard to raise education and health level in papua, just like any other place in Indonesia. With better education level, local people will have better chances to contribute to development of their provinces, so it wont look like a colony anymore.

The very beginning of this independence nonsense was because of Dutch divide and conquer policy when they tried and failed to “get back their” old empire, it happened not only in Papua, but all around Indonesia.. but we managed to overcome it. Now there are still people who is trying to engineer another small and weak new country in the area which can be manipulated easily Just think who will gain the most from this.. I do not think it will be the Papuan. For reference, let me mention that Australia somehow managed to get a much bigger share from an oil field when they negotiate with the newly independent east timor.. it will certainly wont be that easy if they deal with Indonesia.

For those who regret the Dutch handing over “their” colonial empire as a whole .. well, it was not their land in the first place. Netherlands, or USA or UK does not have any say in the matter of how a people in a far away land manage their life or nation.

by : great impersonator

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  1. james on


  2. Kimberly on

    We are grateful that you put this short comment in your blog, thanks.

  3. Christie on

    Beware of the plot by Dominic Brown and Benny Wenda to create conflict in West Papua ! 2 August is the day

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