Papua Indonesia: One People One Soul

Papua isn’t different like another provinces in Indonesia. We were established our country together with the same of act or equality rules. The different one just based from race, the eastern of Indonesian inhabitant ( Papua, Maluku n Timor Islands) are Melanesian Negroid Race not like majority of Indonesian that Malayan Mongoloid Race, but itsn’t a matter coz its nothing dominate supperior here, like Caucasoid to Aborigin in Australia, itsn’t being in Papua. Papuan held their own govermential there. We’ve some Caucasoid Race too in Acehnese, North Sumatra.

Papua has special unique peoples n cultures, their rules are very strong. Many tribes still defended their lifestyles but some of them being modern people like us. Its make a little hard to raise Papua so that State Government gave “Special Outonomy” for Papua to held their own administration.

Papua Governour, Barnabas Suebu

This are some contents of Papua Special Outonomy Laws:

  1. Papua Province is the Irian Jaya Province granted Special Autonomy in the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia;
  2. Special Autonomy is a special authority acknowledged and granted to the Papua Province to regulate and manage the interests of the local people a its own initiative based on the aspiration and fundamental rights of the people of Papua;
  3. Central Government, hereinafter referred to as Government, is the state apparatures of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia comprising the President and the Ministers;
  4. Papua Province Government is the Governor and the other apparatuses as the Executive Body;
  5. Papua Province Governor, hereinafter referred to as Governor, is the Regional Head and Head of Administration fully responsible to organize the administration in the Papua Province and as a Government representative in the Papua Province;
  6. Papua House of People’s Representatives, hereinafter referred to as DPRP, is the Regional House of People’s Representatives as the legislative body of the Papua Province;
  7. Papua People’s Assembly, hereinafter referred to as MRP, is the cultural representative of the Papua natives, which has a certain authority in protecting the rights of the Papua natives, based on respect of the customs and culture, the enforcement of women, and stabilization of harmony of religious life as stipulated in this Law.
  8. Regional Symbols are grandeur banners and cultural symbols for the greatness of the Papuans’ identity in the form of the Regional Flag and Regional Hymn not positioned as symbols of sovereignty;
  9. Special Regional Regulation, hereinafter referred to as Perdasus, is the Regional Regulation of the Papua Province in implementing certain articles in this Law;
  10. Provincial Special Regulation, hereinafter referred to as Perdasi, is the Regional Regulations of the Papua Province in the context of exercising the authority as stipulated in the statutory regulations;


  1. The Papua Province as part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia uses the Red and White Flag as the National Flag, the Indonesia Raya Hymn as the National Hymn.
  2. The Papua Province may have Regional Symbols as its greatness and grandeur banner and cultural symbol for the greatness of the Papuans’ identity in the form of the regional flag and regional hymn which are not positioned as sovereignty symbols.


  1. The authority of the Papua Province shall cover the authority within all sectors of administration, except the authority in the field of foreign politics, safety and defense, monetary and fiscal, religion and judicature and certain authorities in other fields stipulated according to statutory regulations.
  2. The Papua Province may enter into mutually beneficial cooperation with overseas institutions or bodies stipulated by a joint decision according to the statutory regulations.
  3. All inhabitants of the Papua Province shall have the right and freedom to profess their respective religion and belief.
  4. All inhabitants of the Papua Province are obliged to respect religious values, maintain harmony among the members of all religious communities and to prevent all divisive efforts of the community in the Papua Province and within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Human Rights

  1. The Government, Provincial Government and population of the Papua Province shall enforce, improve, protect and respect Human Rights throughout the Papua Province.
  2. For the purpose of paragraph (1) a representative of the Commission of Human Rights, Human Rights Couit and Commission of Righteousness and Reconciliation shall be formed by the Government in the Papua Province pursuant to the provisions of statutory regulations.

Education and Culture

  1. The Provincial Government is responsible for education at all levels, lines and types of education in the Papua Province.
  2. The Government shall stipulate the general policy on the autonomy of tertiary educational institutions, core curriculum and quality standard at all levels, lines and types of education as guidance for the Management of the Tertiary Educational Institution and the Provincial Government.
  3. All inhabitants of the Papua Province shall be entitled to high quality education and teaching referred to in paragraph (1) up to the High School level at the lowest possible charge to the community.
  4. In developing and conducting education, the Provincial Government and Regency/City Government shall give all qualified religious institutions, nor-governmental institutions and the business circles the greatest opportunity to conduct high quality education in the Papua Province.
  5. The Provincial Government shall protect, foster and develop the culture of the Papua natives.
  6. The Provincial Government is obliged to foster, develop and preserve the variety of regional languages and literatures to maintain and stabilize the identity of the Papuans.
  7. Other than the Indonesian language as the national language, English is also established as the second language at all levels of education.
  8. The regional language may be used as the medium of instruction at the basic education level according to the needs.

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  1. Baco on

    One People One Soul : Indonesia and Papua : One Nation.

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  3. nsenga on

    on my heart ,i like this One People One Soul.
    be strong the people of Papua and Indonesia.

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