US Promises Normalisation of Military Cooperation

Jakarta (Papua Story) – The US government promises to shortly normalize military cooperation, notably with the Indonesian army special troops.

This was stated by the commander of the US special troops in the Pacific, Rear Admiral Sean A. Pybus, when he paid a visit to TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) Commander-in-Chief General Djoko Santoso, as quoted by the chief of the TNI Information Center, Maj-Gen. Aslizar Tanjung, in a written statement received here Tuesday (18/5).

At the closed door meeting, Pybus voiced appreciation at the TNI internal reform now still being conducted.

The commander of US Special Troops in the Pacific also praised the TNI for cooperating with the Indonesian National Police to crush acts of terror in the country.

Pybus lauded the TNI for having preserved national security which leads to the preservation of stability in Southeast Asia.

Pybus said he would inform the result of his visit to Indonesia to the US care of Congress and the Senata. He said the TNI army special troops is a strategic partner of the US to preserve stability in Southeast Asia.

And stability contribute greatly to bilateral relations.

Within the near future, Pybus hoped that military cooperation, particularly involving the special troops of the Indonesian Army, Navy and Air Force, could materialize in effort to combat terror.

Military cooperation between Indonesia and the US came to a halt following US military embargo imposed on Indonesia in 1999.

But after the lifting of the embargo in Nov. 2005, cooperation between the Indonesian Army Special Troops and US Special Forces not yet been resumed. (Source : Antara/id/ton)

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