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No doubt about Indonesia sovereignty over Papua and West Papua Provinces

(Papua Story – Jayapura) Papuan people and Indonesian government have no doubt about Indonesia sovereignty over the western part of New Guinea Island. The principle of self determination as set out in the UN charter applies. The status of the Province of Papua as part of Indonesia is final and was endorsed in 1970 by General Assembly Resolution 2504.

Questioning the decolonization process serves no purpose at all. The main pretext used by certain quarters to meddle in Papua is about upholding and promoting human rights, justice and welfare for the Papuans. Admittedly, these are all important issues that have to be pursued honestly of which the present-day democratic Indonesia serves as the best framework. Hence, justifying separatism is wrong and will lead nowhere in terms of redressing those important grievances.

We must be aware of  a group of people led by a villain named Benny Wenda tried to create conflict in Papua with vicious lies, luckily God will always on the Papuan side and those efforts will never succeed.

Benny Wenda will never gain the trust of the people of Papua who love peace. Benny Wenda with malicious intent have been lying to the British people and people of Indonesia, including the communities in Papua.

O God help us from those villains.