Unicef Finances Papua’s Clean Water Systems

VIVAnews – UNICEF allocates fund of Rp 2.7 billion to help Papua Province in Indonesia develop clean water systems in a number of regencies and municipalities.

In addition, the fund will be channeled to Jayapura, Jayawijaya, Puncak Jaya, Biar Numfor and Jayapura Regency.

“Unicef is committed to assisting the people in villages and districts in the Papua Province as an attempt to get to clean water systems,” said Unicef official in Papua, Idris Irwan, on Wednesday, May 5.

In the clean water program, Unicef aids the people in preparing vessels for rain harvesting with the capacity of between 2,000 and 4,000 liters.

In addition, another program under the monitoring of Unicef concerning clean water system includes water filtering.

“We’re expecting that through the clean water system readied in various areas, the people can handle the clean water shortage,” he said.

Translated by: Bonardo Maulana W

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