RI, Australia, Unicef to enhance basic education in Papua

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – A new joint partnership to enhance basic education in Papua and West Papua provinces is to be signed by the Indonesian and Australian governments and UNICEF (United Nations Children`s Fund).

“Australia is very pleased to extend its support to education in Papua and West Papua with UNICEF through this program,” said Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Bill Farmer said ahead of the agreement`s signing, according to a press statement from the Australian Embassy on Wednesday.

Australia will contribute seven million Australian dollars (58.9 billion US dollars) to UNICEF for the next two years to support the two provinces in order to more quickly achieve universal primary education.

Ambassador Farmer said that the program will give kids, who are in poor and remote areas in Indonesia, a better opportunity to receive quality education.”

The Director General of Primary and Secondary Education Management at the Ministry of National Education, Professor Suyanto said that the program is committed to ensure Indonesian children have the best possible education, including in Papua and West Papua.

Besides, the program also supported the local governments to improve planning and management of human resources as an important effort, Suyanto said.

“Indonesia has made significant progress in achieving basic education targets. Though this country as a whole is on on the right track to achieve universal primary education, the situation varies from province to province,” said UNICEF representative to Indonesia, Angela Kearney.

She also said that UNICEF was committed to supporting Indonesia to achieve its objective to ensure that all children in Indonesia have access to quality basic education.

This program will work with the two provinces to develop a strategic plan for education, and improve teaching and learning practices in more than 800 schools in six selected districts, also help to improve literacy and numeracy skills in small schools and remote areas through the provision of teacher training and learning materials.


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