Indonesian rights body enlists ex-VP to seek solution to Papua problems

On 8 February 2010, Chairman of The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) Ifdhal Kasim said that Komnas HAM had asked former vice president and current Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross, Jusuf Kalla, to assist in addressing the problems affecting Papua.

“We invited Jusuf Kalla to discuss this because of his experience in establishing peace in Aceh and Poso,” said Kasim after meeting with Kalla in Jakarta.

According to Kasim, the [government’s] partial solution to the problems in Papua, for example by only focusing on law enforcement, is no longer appropriate. He said that its approach must instead be comprehensive, incorporating political, legal, social and economic aspects.

Kasim also said that, following the death of National Liberation Army of the Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) commander Kelly Kwalik, the political climate in Papua has been heating up due to discontent over his death.

“In order to anticipate the effects of this, Komnas HAM urges the government to consider comprehensive steps in addressing the problems affecting Papua. One such way is by engaging in dialogue with the Papuan community,” said Kasim.

Meanwhile, Kalla confirmed that he had been invited to consult with Komnas HAM to consider how to resolve the Papua issue in a comprehensive manner. He said that the first step in addressing the Papua issue was to study information on the issue thoroughly, including the implementation of special autonomy.

Kalla said he had not yet been appointed as a mediator, as he still needed to study the recommendations from the Indonesian Institute of  Sciences’ (LIPI) Papua development road map, along with Komnas HAM’s recommendations involving dialogue and systematic action.

Source: Kompas Cyber Media website, Jakarta, in Indonesian 9 Feb 10

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