Please use your own name

Dear anonymous reader, if you intend to be critical: Be our guest. But if you’re our guest, act like a guest.

You are free to say whatever you like, as long as you post under your own name, or if you are not comfort using your real name…then do not use someone’s name to mislead readers of my blog.

Language is something we share. You borrow it in exchange for the only word you own: Your name. Anonymous language is cheap and using other’s name is cruel.

I will consider to DELETE whoever intend to be a cheap coward that throws stones out of the dark, my Blog will give the attacked person a chance to strike back.

For the real Sally Collister, I am sorry for the situation now but I have to be sure who is the real one, or is it possible the same name with a very different opinion? Once I am convinced, I will erase the false one.

In the case of Benny Wenda, I understand if  you’re disgusted by the claims made against Benny Wenda. You might also find  my blog also disgusting, but for me personally all political movements are disgusting and there is no such sincere motivation. I have wrote several attacks to the activities of Benny Wenda, simply to open his eyes that Papuan need his intelectual and wisdom more than his provocative politically motivated actions in UK.

I am just an ordinary human being, neither tribe chief nor oganization leader like Benny Wenda. However, I have a strong faith that all Papuans are peaceful people with a very high dignity, so there must be a peaceful solution for Papua. I openly despise all provocative actions regarding Papua’s conflict. Do you have any ideas how many papuans dies for Benny Wenda’s propaganda?

The best way for the future of Papua is peaceful dialog and building capacity in the region in one side, and further reform in the Indonesian policing and security approach in another side. The method that Benny Wenda choose now is not only disturbing the process of peaceful dialog but also giving a strong reason for represive approach by Indonesian security apparatus.

The low insurgency in Papua and low level of political lobby in UK may have increased the tension in Papua. Sadly, those kind of activities surely provoke violence clashes in the region.

From Indonesian nationalistic perspective: Indonesia which has lose a territory in Timor Leste, could not accept compromising of essential bases…the national integrity. In contrast, from Papuan nationalistic perspective: independence is essential in constructing the future of Papua.

What about from ordinary people’s perspective?

Dear the real Sally, are you sure that Benny Wenda is someone who wants nothing more than to be allowed to return with his family to his homeland.

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  1. Josh on

    Nice article, I couldn,t agree with you more. We should use our own name, our own nick name that associated with our real identity.

  2. Sally Collister, UK on

    Mine isn’t a common name here in the UK, and thus I’d be really grateful if you could remove the comments on the previous blog and mention of me on this one. I have no desire to involve myself in a public debate on the internet at this stage, although I respect your right to free speech.

    Many thanks indeed and best wishes,

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