Self-Disclosure in Free West Papua Campaign

The current love-hate special autonomy in Papua and West Papua Provinces debate is focused on the issue of territorial integrity and self-determination. It appears that many people are maintaining the position that by acknowledging the truth, by self-disclosing the Free West Papua Campaign which is supported by several members of UK Parliamentary has jeopardized democracy, security and Papuan people’s future safety.

It is fear that makes Free West Papua Campaign embrace lies and cover-ups. They don’t have faith in the power of truth and compassion to move. And so they put their faith in the power of deceitful practices. There are so many facts that will disclose the manipulation of Free West Papua issues before the eyes of UK dignitaries. Please check carefully their thousand propagandas on the internet.

It’s a mistake to disguise our motives and intents, to manipulate others’ perceptions and emotions for our own personal gain. Giving false promise to West Papuan peoples by the support of some clueless UK MPs is irresponsible, in the long-run, gain us nothing except ordinary people’s misery, a “commodity” most people don’t put much value on. But that’s a mistake as well.

In the long run, when Free West Papua Campaign choose against truth and self-disclosure, and advocate misrepresentation and misdirection, they hurt their own credibility, they prove they can’t be trusted, and eventually it becomes clear that the movement they built and live in is sitting on a defective foundation which will ultimately crumble and fail as time goes by.

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