US suggests some autonomy for Indonesia’s Papua

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Indonesia needs to allow “a degree of autonomy” in its Papua province.
Clinton said the Obama administration would raise the subject with Indonesia.
A low-level insurgency seeking to break from the central government has been waged in Papua since Indonesia took it over from the Dutch in 1963. About 100,000 Papuans, or about a sixth of the population of the impoverished territory, have died in military operations.
Clinton said Wednesday the province “needs to be supported in its efforts to have a degree of autonomy.”
She was responding to a question at a congressional hearing by Rep. Eni F.H. Faleomavaega, American Samoa’s nonvoting delegate to Congress and a frequent critic of Indonesia.

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  1. Budi on

    Indonesian policy in West Papua is “unclear and confusing”, and it is typically Indonesian. No one knows what’s going on and this includes the upper echelons of the Indonesian government.

  2. Paul on

    Human rights activists and western diplomats fear that although the police will be officially in command in West Papua there could be a military crackdown resulting in many civilian casualties, since the Indonesian national policy does not mention about responsibility to protect indigenous people of West Papua.

  3. goalase on

    Be careful with US naive foreign policy !

  4. Goalase on

    US suggestion is no more than political move to protect Freeport Mc Moran.

  5. Free Papua on


  6. Rumbiak Rumbiak on

    Special Autonomy = NO
    Independence = YES

  7. Jonathan on

    The separatists, whose leader in waiting, Benny Wenda, is based in Oxford UK, say their demand for independence is non-negotiable, especially in light of the support of British Parliament.

  8. innoue on

    After the Indonesian dictator General Suharto fell in 1998, the government promised special autonomy to the region and a law was passed to that effect the following year. But it has still not been fully implemented. I think it is obvious that the solution of West Papua problem is simply by the full implementation of special autonomy.

  9. Anand on

    No major governments or the UN have spoken out about the status of West Papua, so the chances of the Papuans rebel using it to generate international momentum remain very very slim.

  10. Liz R on

    The Obama strategy since his election has been based on a pragmatic assessment of the prospects and limits afforded by public opinion and the political process.

  11. Liaiciodo on

    Listen to the US golden voice………….

  12. Brady on

    Autonomy government is the right answer.

  13. Courtney on

    Listen to the most powerfull state in the world will lead you to nothing but trouble, right?

  14. Rama on

    Nice suggestion !!

  15. Green on

    Fuck you !!!

  16. Bogartt on

    Do not listen to uncle Sam, he will only lead you to destruction.

  17. Jason on

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  18. Wimby on

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  19. Skessy on

    How about Malaria in Papua these days?

  20. Daniel on

    Keep posting brother, where are you now?

  21. Arki on

    Important link Media Papua

  22. Jarsels on

    Listen to the US suggestions, then Indonesia will successfully solve Papua problems.

  23. leliem on

    Update please!!!

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