Shadow falls in the peaceful democratic election

Millions ordinary Papuan keep their mouth shut in silence and deeply concerned about growing violence created and supported by independence movement abroad especially from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. West Papua on the eve of the Indonesian parliamentary elections was disturbed by a successful scenario of conflict by Richard Samuelson and Benny Wenda to increase the tension among people in West Papua. We believe that recent events underscore the need for a careful approach to the problems in West Papua, and that there is an urgent need for Indonesian security (Police) to be alert by such cruel intention.

The present situation is extremely worrying,  the effort of Free Papua Movement to kill a police officer by arrows among the crowds has created a chaos during the demonstration.  On April 3 West Papuans took part in two large peaceful demonstrations in Nabire and Wamena. The reports of the demonstration in Nabire state that some 10,000 people took part in a colourful demonstration which called for an election boycott and celebrated the formation of a new international NGO: “International Lawyers for West Papua”. These demonstrations were orchestrated from the United Kingdom. The arrest of some 15 political activists was simply for further investigation to prevent bigger conflict in West Papua. After the investigation, some have been subsequently released, but three remain in custody, namely Mako Tabuni, Serafin Diaz, and Yance Motte. These young men are members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and are now likely to face serious charges of ‘maker’ or subversion. Under a clear instruction from Benny Wenda, the three people were supposed to instigate conflict and chaos during the protest. Fortunately, the Police were aware of such cruel intention.

Because of the failure of Nabire and Wamena demonstrations, then on Monday April 6, around 200- 300 demonstrators staged a further rally in Nabire again reaffirming the call for a boycott of the imminent parliamentary elections. After a policeman hitted by an arrow and badly injured, Police opened fire on the demonstrators, injuring eleven demonstrators of whom four are reported to be in critical condition in hospital. We understand that among the critically injured is a 10 year-old student who was shot as he was returning from school. A big mistake of Policing act caused by some successful provocateurs.

Free Papua Movement abroad who always claimed as peaceful movement apparently behind all incident in West Papua. Indirectly, Free Papua Movement instigates thousand Papuan to protest, while at the same time, some figures preparing chaos and their main intention is to frame Indonesian Police into human rights and police power abuses.

All democratic states like Indonesia realize that there can be no justification for security forces to open fire on demonstrators armed only with placards. The freedom to dissent is a universal human right. However, an attack which can kill a policeman should be taken seriously.Therefore an impartial  investigation should be done in accordance to Indonesian law in order to maintain public order and upholding justice for all.

The cruel scenario from Free Papua Movement is to make shadow falls in the peaceful democratic election in Indonesia.

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  1. Reader on

    Let us remember why Benny Wenda was imprisoned in the first place, before he escaped to Britain.

    “The incident occurred when some 50 Papuan
    people, led by Benny, attacked the police station and torched two shops. A
    policeman was killed in the attack and a security guard was found dead near the
    shopping compound.”

    Benny Wenda is the younger brother of Mathias Wenda, a field commander of the
    Free Papua Movement (OPM) allegedly operating in the West Papua-Papua New
    Guinea border area.”

    This is the kind of thing Benny and his brother are very comfortable with. He plays a violent game.

    I would be very surprised if there was not coordination.

  2. Kedra on

    thax for th info man, appreciate it

  3. faith on

    No matter how cruel the anti democracy attack, people will fight back for democracy!

  4. Haigh on

    Is there any folk story from Papua ? I think the world would love to read it.

  5. Paul on

    Where are you from?

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