Hundreds of people welcome anti-graft chief in Timika

The Jakarta Post [web site]
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Markus Makur, The Jakarta Post, Timika

Hundreds of people swarmed the usually quiet Mose Kilangin
international airport in Timika, Papua, to greet Antasari Azhar,
the Corruption Eraducation Commission (KPK) chair, but they
failed to see him.

Antara news agency reported that Antasari was whisked to a
waiting car after disembarking from the Garuda airplane that had
brought him from Jayapura, Papua’s provincial capital. The car
took him straight to a hotel in the town.

“We will ask the KPK chair to meet with public figures and all
other elements of Mimika society to hear directly their demands
that the KPK put all corrupt suspects on trial,” said Wilhelmus
R. Dekme, a local youth leader who had come to greet Antasari.

Mimika Legislative Council chair Yoseph Yopi Kilangin noted that
Antasari’s visit to Timika was timely since Mimika was a “region
full of corruption.”

“We’ve got many reports of corruption, and KPK needs to follow
them up,” he told The Jakarta Post.

4 comments so far

  1. jacqui on

    nice blog !

  2. John on

    Do you have reports of papuan independence movement’s violence in Timika, Wamena and Sorong ?

  3. garry on

    I think you should update your blog daily because you took the name of story. Just a suggestion, cheers!

  4. martin on

    Papuan and other ethnic in Indonesia are brothers, so please behave like one family one soul !

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