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Democrat Party condemns British Lawmakers supporting separatism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Democrat Party Associate Chairman Anas Urbaningrum said here on Tuesday his party condemned any party that supports separatism in Indonesia.

“Especially if it is done by legislators from other countries, such as Britain,” Urbaningrum told ANTARA in response to the establishment of an international parliamentary caucus on West Papua which supportedly included members of the British Parliament in London.

He said the move was a serious violation of the principle of mutual respect for a country`s sovereignty.

“It also shows that they are immature and do not understand politeness in international relations,” Urbaningrum, a former chairman of the Association of Muslim University Students (HMI), said. Continue reading

No country supports Papua separatism, says presidential spokesman

No country supports Papua separatism, says presidential spokesman
Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Presidential spokesman Dino Patti Djalal stated here on Tuesday that no country supported separatism in Papua.

“Not a single member country of the United Nations supports separatism in Papua so that Indonesia`s position in the matter is solid,” he said at the president`s office. Continue reading