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Another positive effort by IGSARPRI for the future of Papuan people.

09/07/08 03:42
IGSARPRI helping Papuans repatriate from PNG
Jayapura, Papua,(ANTARA News) – The Independent Group Supporting the Autonomous Region of Papua in the Republic of Indonesia (IGSARPRI) is making continuous efforts for the repatriation of Papuans living in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to their homeland in Papua or West Papua provinces, a spokesman said.

The chairman of the group`s board of founders, Franzalbert Yoku, made the statement to ANTARA here on Saturday after accompanying nine Papuans Friday on their way from Port Moresby, the PNG`s capital, to Jayapura, Papua`s provincial capital and later to Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta to pursue studies.

“The foundation has since 2006 been helping the repatriation of Papuans who have been living in PNG. It also cooperates with the ministry of education to give scholarships to Papuans who were born in the PNG to continue their studies in Java before working in Papua,” he said.

He said the group`s struggle was based on Law Number 21 on regional autonomy which aims to make Papuans masters in their homeland within the fold of the Unitary State of Indonesia.

The effort was fully supported by the central government, including the foreign ministry and other ministries concerned.

Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu met with officials of the Regional Taskforce on Tuesday to discuss preparations for the implementation of a plan to repatriate 192 families or 708 people late this year or early next year, he said.(*)